Current source for 40t 15mm metal pullies for MBS 100mm wheels?

Anyone out there have metal pulleys on MBS 100mm wheels? Where did you get them?

After shreding a couple ABS pulleys I made at school, I am trying to find some metal 40t 15mm (12mm would work too) wheel pulleys that fit the 100mm MBS wheels. Sorry if the topic has been solved before, my search of the forum turned up some people recommending Titodx’s pulleys and a couple people saying the torqueboards pulleys fit them just fine. Titodx’s thread says he is sold out, and the support chat at torqueboards told me that their ABEC pulleys do not fit onto the MBS wheels. I think he might just not know what the fuck he is talking about because Ive seen pictures that appear to be said pulleys on the MBS wheels. Ive had some bad experiences with torqueboards customer service so Id like to avoid them if possible, but am willing to bite the bullet if they are the only place that have metal pulleys that fit the MBS, but their customer support has me second guessing if that is even the case.

Does anyone have any ideas of alternate sources? Can anyone confirm the torqueboards pulleys fit?

I think @dickyho has some.


FYI - these are 18mm wide and aluminum and built well.


And half the price of the torqueboards ones too boot! thanks for the help man.

Yeah now hopefully he makes some 44T ones :smiley:

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I will add those have 22mm insides and will seat a bearing. Just saying… :wink:

Please do not buy those pulleys from eBay. I’m not one to bash other sellers, but those pulleys just aren’t up to par. A good Pulley needs something to stick into the hub. This minimizes wobble and is much better at transferring the force between the pulleys and the wheels.

@mmaner has shown that my pulleys work will MBS


@JLabs We try to buy pullies like yours. People try to find pullies all over the place. I’m not sure what part you folks don’t understand.


NOT 15mm


It’s really frustrating trying to find pullies.

Ahhemm… @b264

Im not sure

what your insinuating

But please don’t hate…

I thought I was pretty clear.

There is an extreme lack of metal 15mm pullies. You don’t sell any. There have been entire threads about this. Then trying to find ones that seat a bearing is even more difficult and if you want boltless inserts it becomes impossible.

I was saying that aside from the boltless part, @dickyho has ones that meet the rest of the criteria. And since they are 22mm inside diameter you can ride them on a bearing which eliminates the wobble issues you brought up.

I didn’t think so especially when you do all the bold text saying they’re not metal, when they are, and saying they’re not 15mm when the person looking for pullies said 12mm would be just fine.

I didn’t say they weren’t metal. It’s also annoying when everyone who sells pullies thinks that 12mm is okay when it’s not what we want.

I hate to sound like an ass, but I feel like your attacking me here, this thread isint about you. It’s about @Weilii who wants a pulley for MBS wheels which I was offering to him.

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This is a good option so you can ditch the bolts.

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I wish @Titoxd10001 could make the group buy happen again, too bad the Chinese factory screwed him with the second order!

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Best pulleys I’ve ever had

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Never going back to bearing-less pulleys…

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Bearings will seat in @dickyho’s pullies as they are 22mm inside