Current state of FOC?

What’s the current state of FOC? If there’s any at all. I’ve got one of @chaka’s sensored motors and have been running it sensorless. Decided I’d like to try sensored and figured I’d also try out FOC again, though I don’t know if sensored and FOC are good together.

This brings me to my question above. It’s been awhile since FOC was introduced, so I figured the testing phase should be long gone.

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what vesc do you have?

It’s a 4.12 HW from @torqueboards. I know the newer ones run better than it.

I wouldn’t try FOC with anything other than an Ollin, Enertion (FOCBOX), or Axle VESC. And even then I’d only try it out running sub 55k eRPM, most likely hubs for me.

Figured as much. Too broke for one of those right now, but I want one in the future so I can build another board from old parts.

Thanks for the info.

Edit: Is the Raptor 2 running FOC? I’d assume so 'cause, you know…“FOCBOX”.

I have a few setups on FOC and FOC Sensored and personally I don’t have much issues running in FOC. If you program it correctly it should be perfectly fine.

Yes it is.

@torqueboards Hey Dexter, what voltage and kv are you running?

12S on 75KV Hub Motors or 6355 190KV on 12S.

I’m using a FOCBOX with an E-Go2 motor in FOC sensored for the past week with no issue with as much abuse as I can put it through, though it is a relatively low power motor.

Guess it’s a toss up :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably run it on my hubs on my next build

I want to run FOC on my 10s dual FOCBOX 6374 190kv build but I’m terrrified of killing one!

running FOC mode on FOCBOX with TB 6355… its sick and fast on 12s. too fast for me, once you get going it ramps up very quickly… starts need a lil push when unsensored for me, but the acceleration is fun.


10 char

FOCBOX has a transistor that shuts off before your drv can fry, you should be safe with it.

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That is good news!

running FOC on dual vesc-x 10s5p, dual 6355 190kv sensored.

no issues.

max speed attained 28mph. 195lb rider.

Gets too wobbly beyond that speed. I might be able to get it to go faster if I tighten up the trucks, but 28mph is good enough for me.

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I have a drag race against the Raptor 2 this sunday… I might switch to FOC for the extra low end torque everyone talks about…


I just built a 10s2p lipo pack that is 10ah and 150c. I really want to make it 3p 15ah and run FOC for torque!

Using FOC now for 9 months without issues with torqueboards vesc. 192kv/10s. Just make sure you properly do your detection. And maybe some luck (some nasty stories are drifting around here).

@Jinra @chaka Do ollin vescs also have the transistor that shuts off before the drv could get fried?