Custom 18650 Battery (Pre-Build)

You broke it :cry: haha thanks for letting me know/ promo code!

Here are some from aliexpress that were pretty good: Note: You only get these prices if you order from their app before their 6th anniversary sale ends.

10x LG HG2 for $42.49

10x LG HE4 for $35.52 The same seller also has 6x for $21.39 here:

I don’t trust the one below, but if anyone is willing to risk it: 40x LG HE2 Cells for $90 plus shipping (about +$15 for me)

let us know if you do get the the stuff from gearbest, ive heard very mixed results from them.

Sure thing. I heard they are slow to ship sometimes, but I thought I’d give them a try.

Dude you rock!! Thanks for the links. Can’t wait to see your battery pack project!

No problem; It took me a few days of intense research to find all of this :scream:

Check out the 2 packs!! They are $8.19 per, so just a little extra, but then 10% off. FYI…When you put em’ in your cart they are only $8.05 a pack… Pretty sweet little deal here!! Thanks again, Paragon!! Good find!! Your tireless research was not in vain!!! :+1:

No problem. Some of the stuff is back in stock at the flash sale price. Just got 40x HE4 cells for $127 shipped. The 10% off expired, but here’s a 9% off I found: FBGBES

@JLabs A few of the forum members make them. @torqueboards and @onloop sold them at one point, and may still. @elkick has a shop that sells Vedder’s anti-spark but he added ad fuse:

dont mean to hijack this thread but using this cell would i only need 6 of these for a 6s pack rather than 12 18650s?

If you use 6 cells than it would be 6s if 7 cells then 7s… you will only have 4500mah tho you could use 6s2p to get 9000mah at 6s

do you think the cells are good?

I don’t know… I have no expirence with them… I would send an email to liion and ask if they are reliable compared to the 25r

good idea, aright thanks!

Snap!! She’s a looker!! Are these available now!?

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@Ulfberht Waiting on the on/off switches.

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Could you just make this switch out of a golf cart relay?

Nice @torqueboards I think you’re the first in the US to offer them for sale!

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Same price as the other one? I still have the Old one, will the switch work with the new one? I’ll buy one for this new build.

I love that deck. I saw one very similar on taobao like 6 months back.