Custom 30" DualHub Skateboard for sale NYC

I am selling an electric skateboard I custom built in 2017. The skateboard works and comes with an extra VESC and set of green wheels. I barely used it because the range we had a kid so I have no time.

Either way this is a great setup for bodega runs and the battery could be replaced to get better range. but all the parts are still good and everything works!

Battery: diyelectricskateboard LiFePO4 12s1p

VESC: Dual Ollin 4.12 Vescs (+1 extra from diyelectricskateboard)

Motors: Dual Hub Carvon v2.5 motors with carbon fiber hubcaps (comes with extra set of wheels)

Transmitor: FlySky FS-GT2B 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter modded with

Deck: Arbor Rally Skateboard Deck

I can also include a small box of extra parts I purchased during the build.

Looking to sell everything asap for $600 OBO

NYC pickup only not going to try to mail this thing.


This thing reads like a @b264 build. Hopefully the insides are as nicely lain out as they should be! :slight_smile:

This should sell fast, if not simply for the carvons. Werent the 2.5s really nice?

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It was modeled after @RunPlayBack 's builds. I added a few more photos of the insides. Also the Carvon 2.5s are very nice and have a ton torque. I weigh 185 and I was getting speedwobbles uphill.


If you part out I bugsy the carvons

Also the ollin vesc are never in stock anymore but they were really nice also

Wow, this looks really, really nice. You should list this on the new builder forum. This does look like something b264 would build.