Custom 3d Printed NRF remote

I’m selling some custom remotes, inspired by solidgeek’s remote and ervinelin’s remote, with my own custom modifications.

See here for more details about the remote, including how to use it:

It is designed to work out of the box with all RC ESCs. It can also control VESCs. The uploaded firmware does not show the telemetry from the VESC. It should not be hard to implement, but I have none to test. Keep in mind that you are buying a custom made remote. While I used them for 1000 KM with no problems, and I wrote the code with safety in mind, your experience might be different.

You have access to the schematics and code so you can tinker with it as you like.

I have 4 of them, slightly different.

  • 1x The first version I made. It lacks autobinding(so you might have some problems if used near similar remotes). Also the receiver connections are quite short and a bit fiddly so you have to be extra careful when connecting them, plus the general build quality is not as good. Otherwise works perfectly and had no problems with it. Price: 60$ + shipping
  • 1x Normal remote, as described, but the 3d printing doesn’t look so great. Price 90$ + shipping (sold)
  • 2x Slightly improved version with better bearing, tighter tolerances and better looking 3d printing. Price 90$ + shipping

Shipping is from Europe using registered mail. It costs 8$ in EU and 10$ outside.


One sold, 3 left. Also reduced the price a bit.

Still available

I’m shipping again. Also reduced the price to 50$ and 80$ respectively.

Hello, shipping to USA? Also I’m dabbling with the idea of making a few since I’m located in the US and offering them to some friends and forum members to help offset some build costs. Would you be opposed to this?

I ship to USA and it shouldn’t be too expensive. You can make some for your friends, no problem, most of the work is by the community for the community.

I need one. . .