Custom 5065 Sensored Motors

Look what just arrived!! My new custom built Bittblock 5065 Sensored Motors! These things are great, sensored and inexpensive! The wire is silicone and wrapped in mesh for extra protection and organization. They’re 200kv of madness! And, I’m selling them. Limited STOCK! Just did a quick run of them to see if anyone would be interested. Let me know if you’d be interested in buying one. Selling them on my website.


what’s the difference to Ollins 200kv?

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Looks identical to me.

@michaeld33 Does the supplier of this motor also have a similar 63mm version?

Yep two versions actually. I do not know who supplies ollins motors, but they seem to be very similar… If not the same. Not going to go ahead and say that they are the same motor though, just in case. – I don’t know where he gets them made

I’ve gotten a couple questions about 63 size motors. Yes, there are plans to stock 6355 or 6368 (whichever is more desired) honestly the KV is TBD, larger motors are usually wanted at a lower KV, so there is the possibility that the 63 motors will be ~ 100-175kv. That will also be determined based on demand.

Seriously i can’t tell the difference.

What makes these custom? You picked the specs?

Also the manufacturer for the motors in the current group buy I am running told me someone contacted a Chinese trading company and gave them the exact same specs as ‘my’ motors. She then said they won’t do business with them.

You say limited stock? Looks to me like only 8 motors. That’s extremely limited IMO.

Shaft has that flat spot instead of a keyway. Also 4mm instead of 5.5mm bullet connectors. Those are the only differences can tell from the pictures.

Like I said, I don’t want to buy 30 of them if nobody wants them. So I just bought a few. If they sell well, I’ll order more. Already working on orders for more of them. I doubt that was me considering the only people I reached out to were the people I bought my motors from. But what don’t you PM me. The specs I gave were fairly simple, 200KV, 5065, sensored, etc.

Not a big fan of the keyway… Also never specified what kind of bullet connectors I wanted, they just gave me whatever they had.

Do they have a KV lower than 200? Like 170 or (hopefully) 149?

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Haha sure, I could get it 70KV if I like.

Then I am totally interested.

Is the hole pattern the same as Ollins about 38 dia or X measurement.

Believe it is the same as the Ollin bolt hole pattern. I don’t have them with me right now but if I remember, it’s 38mm diagonally, 28 vertically/horizontally.

What is your website, actually?

It is in his profile:

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They are $34 cheaper than Ollin’s. Interesting.

I can’t seem to find it on your website.

I definitely want to go for a pair of them, but I am interested in the one with keyway. I already have TB’s pulleys with keyway.