Custom 6s4p pack cost

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RideRiptide released a new extended range board, the R1X, along with the option to purchase the battery to upgrade an existing R1 or R1E. I know the Chinese parts on this board aren’t the best (except for wheels and deck), but the current battery just sucks and I’d like to upgrade it.

The new battery is a 6s4p/10AH/212Wh with the Samsung 25R cells (not sure if R2 or R5)

They priced the pack at $299 which I think is overpriced. (Meepo’s 295Wh Sanyo pack is $255) Does anyone here build custom packs? What would something like this cost to build?

They claim double the range (makes sense since the old 6s3p battery was rated at 97Wh). How does the voltage sag on these cells compare to the Sanyo GA cells? What about expected life (charge/discharge cycles)?



Don’t know if this helps, but if I was using 30qs it would cost me about $150 to build a 6s4p. Maybe a little less. I don’t know how much 25rs cost. So it isn’t a crazy price.

IMHO, save the money until you have $1000 or so and build a quality board. You won’t reget it.


You can use the 10s2 that meepo sells for 255, and it fits right in the same enclosure. @DAddYE did and got good results.

Hard to justify saving $1,000 when I already spent $729 for the R1E.

I heard about the 10s2p swap, wondering how that stacks up against the 6s4p as far as range goes. The 10s2p would require me to buy a different charger.

There’s mad power difference between 6 and 10s. I would go with 10s. And a 10s charger would go anywhere from 6-100dollars

My basic and limited understanding is that adding cells in series increases speed, and adding them in parallel increase range. However, given the hard coded parameters in the existing ESC, I’d be curious to know how they compare. I can see why RideRiptide chose a 6s4p config, keeping compatibility with the existing chargers. They’re claiming an increase in top speed of about 2mph with the new battery. Personally I’m ok with 20mph as is on the R1E. If the 10s2p will give me more juice for hill climbing or faster acceleration overall, without voltage sag, I wouldn’t mind it at all. @DAddYE, what kind of range are you getting with the Meepo battery on your R1?

He has a post talking about it… I’ll try and find it, but basicly he said range, speed, acceleration and braking were all improved. I believe he said he got somewhere around 10 miles range (without killing it) on the board now with much less noticeable battery sag.

Exactly! The thing didn’t change much were the brakes, they were stronger but still a bit sluggish

They also claim better control with the new remote, though I can’t imagine that changes any of the parameters hard coded into the esc. Probably just a smoother accel/decel.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but Riptide boards basically use kits from diyeboard - I’m not sure how common knowledge that is.

I believe the “upgraded” pack is this:

Series and parallel both increase range. Range depends on Wh and watt hours are = to voltage x amphours.

Let’s say a 10s2p Sanyo, rated for 6ah 36x6= 216wh

6s4p with the same cells so about 12ah 22.2x6= 266wh

Now to work out range it’s about 10-20wh per km depending on how you ride for street boards. I will let you work out the rest.

Personally I’d go for the 10s2p even though it has less range.

Different cells. These are rated at 8.8Ah/192Wh. What they announced today are 10Ah/212Wh using the Samsung 25R cells.

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