Custom 9mm htd5 belts

I have a build that I’ve been working on that has been put to a complete halt because I can’t find the right belt size. I bought a motor mount/truck kit that doesn’t allow belt tension adjustment(the motor Mount onto an ‘X’ shape bracket, so it can’t slide at all) I tried HTD5 9mm 275, and that was way to tight the belt wouldn’t even go on, so I tried 280mm, but that’s too loose, it just barely bites. What I’m looking for is a 276 or 277 size belt, if that’s even possible (I know the size of the teeth might be the issue that’s what I want to know) I’ve already put way too much money into this board for the original plan of it being “just an upgrade,” so I’d really like to find a way without having to get new trucks and motor mounts if possible

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i havent seen the mount but you might be able to modify it to use an idler pulley and allow you tension the belt


That was one idea I had, but I don’t think there anre any mounting holes on there for one. If worse comes to worse I could probably just drill a hole for one into the mount. I’ll send pictures of the mounts. They appear to be welded on so I can’t remove them unfortunately

might be tricky to drill a welded mount but maybe if you could get it clamped to the edge of a table or drill press you could get it done with some elbow grease

HTD5 has a tooth every 5mm so you can’t have anything between 55 teeth (275mm length) and 56 teeth (280mm length)


DRILL! and drill true.


what’s your gearing?

I think it’s 16/36.

weird. i’d like to see pictures of this mount. but yea, go to the hardware store, buy a shoulder bolt with an 8mm shoulder, some assorted washers and a locknut to match the bolt. grab 2-3 extra bearings, put a speedring on both sides and drill a hole through the mount to accommodate the idler. put the locknut on the other side so it stays in place. add extra washers accordingly until the bearings are roughly centered on the belt


It’s a weird kit I had a guy sell it to me from China haha. Came with awful motors and fake flywheels. The kit basically had the entire drivetrain, so when I upgraded motors I needed a new motor pulley and it was a little bit bigger than the old one. Only thing left from the kit right now are the custom trucks and the wheel pulleys lol.

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Came with 3D printer belt guards tho so that was nice haha

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i’ve actually made a few ODD sized belts, but i also trimmed the tooth size. did it work, yes. was it loud, yes.

What did you have to do to make them? I don’t know a whole lot about belts but you said they were loud?

the pitch is 5mm. the teeth are spaced 5mm apart. he shrunk the teeth and 3d printed a belt. bad idea

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Sounded like suction cup machine gun. Which I’m gonna use on @GrecoMan :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


don’t worry, it’ll break soon enough. just like your 3d printed belts :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You so got me on that one, only video I ever posted was of my belt breaking. :confounded: S…o…b…


im having a similar issue w my belt at 20/60 gearing. im interested in your results

I would drill a hole and add an idler pulley.

That way you could use the loose 280 belt without any slip and less friction.

Just search the forum, there are good threads on the topic

idler pulley or open the screwholes more to be able to adjust the tension. You´ll need to adjust something earlier or later. If it´s not possible because things are really bad designed sometimes, just get a good mount :wink: