Custom batteries for sale

As most of you know, i build custom batteries for people. Thank you to all of the people who ordered from me, i appreciate your business. needless to say i can be swamped at times but i enjoy the workload. I am now a bit more available and have extra time to expand and serve more people.

All batteries come with 2A charger, percent display, soft switch, and the pack itself. the 10s8p and 12s6p come with a 150A BMS as they are intended for mountainboard, they also come with a water proof box.


6s4p 60A $363.58 6s5p 60A $398.34 6s6p 60A $438.25 8s4p 60A $406.13 8s5p 60A $457.63 8s6p 60A $498.83 10s3p 60A $397.18 10s4p 60A $455.12 10s5p 60A $518.21 10s6p 60A $576.14 10s7p 60A $679.14 10s8p 150A $804.04 12s2p 60A $376.00 12s3p 60A $445.53 12s4p 60A $520.20 12s5p 60A $589.73 12s6p 150A $774.37

I can customize layout I can upgrade amp max on the BMS I can upgrade to a fast 5A charger

Sometimes i have extra BMS’s on hand and if that the case the order will be built and ship out with a couple days, but most times i dont keep them on hand so it could take up to 3 weeks to get your order. If there is enough interest I will begin to order BMS’s ahead of time to reduce wait. YES my prices are 20-30 dollars higher as compared to the Enertion or DIY. I make these packs one at a time not as a production run so naturally i have to charge more. The benefit of one pack at a time is the ability to make custom packs, I offer the most diverse selection of packs that i am aware of in the eboard market.

Batteries are guaranteed working on arrival. IF not I will pay for return shipping and fix the issue. All other claims are subject to review depending on circumstance.

(im sure there is something i forgot to mention but oh well)


Just wondering, how much would it be if we supplied the cells?

Pm me with details.

I send everyone your way, your stuff is awesome. You need a website, at least for listings. A free one would be fine

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Hey thanks man!

Yea I may try to get into that but I am just so flooded with this alone I’m not sure that I can handle managing that!

Thanks for the business :slight_smile:

finally somewhere to get batteries if I want to build a tank! lol

Just curious why do you use samsung 25r instead of lg hg2? extra 500mah per cell…still 20a discharge…simular price at those numbers…

Yea the LG cells are cheaper and I get a bit more capacity out of them. But the peak discharge is also lower. Aswell as discharge rate.

It would be a wise idea for me to use LG on my larger packs but I get my cells cheaper when I buy in bulk so I stick with one cell.

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Yea I couldn’t find the peak discharge numbers, figured that was probably part of it.

Maybe we just need a small super cap pack to supplement the peak current of batteries… I think most sites give bulk rates even if you mix cells. but i’m sure its easier to just have a standard since its a side thing for you. for now…

damn those mountainboard packs look appealing…

f*ing budgets ruin everything

Yea I already have 2 orders of the 10s8p pack. With some variation.

I have a lot of work ahead of me lol

These packs are plug and play so crunch the numbers and see if it’s really too expensive. You’ll get crazy range out of the 10s8p

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I will run a lot of numbers… trust me, lol.

I’ve ordered a few packs now and all I can say is when you factor in Switch, bms, charger and display these prices are competitive. That said, I seriously can’t imagine (seeing what I’ve seen) that these aren’t the best packs available.


Hi there I was wondering what the charger looks like?

It looks like a laptop charger

yup, small standard brick 2A or extra $ for fast charger 5A though some say that deteriorates the battery. all to say, the charger is not a distinctinve part of this equation because @barajabali has nicely wired BMS and standard charging port for those of (includes me) who are not going to be balancing charging multiple LIPO packs separately every night! Money well spent here, believe me.

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone! :slight_smile:

Could you post a few pics of some various packs? I understand that materials may change but I’d be more tempted seeing some of the build work…


Oh man my packs are all over this site. Let’s see…


That’s jut a couple…

Awesome stuff. Now I know where to go for my next build!