Custom batteries for sale

Hi there I was wondering what the charger looks like?

It looks like a laptop charger

yup, small standard brick 2A or extra $ for fast charger 5A though some say that deteriorates the battery. all to say, the charger is not a distinctinve part of this equation because @barajabali has nicely wired BMS and standard charging port for those of (includes me) who are not going to be balancing charging multiple LIPO packs separately every night! Money well spent here, believe me.

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone! :slight_smile:

Could you post a few pics of some various packs? I understand that materials may change but I’d be more tempted seeing some of the build work…


Oh man my packs are all over this site. Let’s see…


That’s jut a couple…

Awesome stuff. Now I know where to go for my next build!


Battery porn lol


@barajabali Nice battery porn showcase :slight_smile: One quick question you are using only BMS ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

And yes at the moment I am. I’m scared of the bestech BMS as I’ve heard of them failing. 1 failed BMS eats all of my profit for the build lol

These are bullet proof.

Thanks brother :slight_smile: And stay away from best tech I got 2 BMS from them And just total loss :frowning:

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I for sure will now! I dont need the soft switch built in I just install them separately. no big deal :slight_smile: that way i can use vedder switches

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When I gather up a small fortune for a mountain board I will be scratching your way. It dosnt pay to make my own pack when you factor the price of a spot welder. And on top of it you know what you are doing. Keep up the hustle! Sounds like you will be kept busy!

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ill be happy to make it for you i already have a couple of them under my belt.

Hey barajabali Can you make a battery that could add capacity to a Evolve Bamboo GT - in a separate battery box but able to be plugged into the current battery? I am getting a much longer deck made, so will have space for the box.

Have you ever used 26650 batteries?

No but same concept. so yes i can build you a pack with 26650

I need a 10,000mAh 9s battery pack. Please quote prices for packs using 25r cells, he2 cells, or anything else you can think of that will work. I am trying to keep price as low as possible, so please pick the cheapest configuration that still uses quality cells. I want a BMS/PCM and a charger as well.

I am getting quotes from many different companies. My lowest so far is $280 for a 9s4p pack made with 25r’s, including a BMS (actually a PCM in this case), a charger, and shipping.

Edit: As a stretch goal, please quote how much extra it would cost to include a fuel gauge, an on/off switch, and to make the pack waterproof.

A water proof battery pack… That’s is not really possible unless you custom make an enclosed enclosure just for the battery and seal it. It won’t be cheap… At all.

Why not just make the enclosure for your board water resistant? All you need is a few rubber gasket seals and Silicon sealed ports.

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