Custom batteries interest

Would you do partial builds and part sourcing? Like selling a kit, I can’t do welding but I still want to make a battery myself. If there’s a discount on bulk on your end then you can keep that difference and it would be easier for us

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Unfortunately i still pay retail price on all cells, but it is a decent price. Check out or

Interested in a battery build from you. Can you give me some details on a 12s4p build? Need this to be in a stacked formation. Battery will be placed on the top surface for a mountain board build.

thank you.

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I will send you a pm.

Trying to help a friend out, can you make and ship a 6s2p with BMS for $80ish?

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out of what cells?

Anything with a capacity of 2500mAh, whats your cheapest cell on hand?

sony vtc5 2600mah 25a i can do $85 shipped for it. with a few days lead time


Sweet, thanks! I’ll let you know if the project goes through

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good to here. btw, if you choose to use friends and family on paypal, i will discount this pack, it will reduce it by $5 total as it will save me a $5 fee. thanks for your interest.

if you are interested, it could be a 7800mah pack if it was 6s3p. i will charge $20 extra for it.

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The project in question is a penny board so I don’t think 3p is much of an option, but that’s a very nice offer

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the batteries themselves could be about 200x55x40mm if you get a long skinny pack. if they were in banks of 6x2 bank configuration it would be hardly any different size wise. i am just worried a 5.2ah may not have enough juice. let me know what you think.

im not trying to upsell you, just want to make sure you dont need a replacement if this one is too small.

The board isn’t for me, I’m working on it for a friend. She gave me the challenge to make a penny board that goes 15 mph and 5 miles for less than $250 and under 12 lbs…I don’t want to get any parts that arn’t absolutely necessary. I can’t imagine needing more than 150W for this because I gave her my longboard on low power and she still couldn’t ride it

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Fair enough. Good luck with the build! Let me know when you are ready to get the battery. I will do $80 shipped with f&f on paypal.

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Sent you a PM. Looking forward to trying out your battery pack.

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update: i have a few packs for sale right now