Custom battery box for Mountainboard

My Trampa Mountainboard came with a Carbon Fiber box, but missing screws and spacers for them, so I decided to mod one up until I get screws and spacers.

Found this box with the right dimensions to fit 4 6s 6200mah lipos, with a Lil extra space. So far I ripped out the rubber stands that were underneath the box and replaced it with rivets. Then drilled 3 matching holes to fit on the board.

Next I will drill a couple of more holes for the wires to run through. It’s an easy box to mod. I might consider adding a battery meter and a anti-spark power button.

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This post needed a approval because @Tyoo is brand new to the forum. Most of the time newbies posts consist of them begging people for answers which have been answered many times before but this guy went a different route. It was so positive that I didn’t have it in me to deny it.

Don’t get me wrong it’s still totally off topic, but fuck it he’s right guys


Very nice board man but this box… hmmm the trampa box will look much better :wink: Do you plan to have the power leads underneath the deck? I wouldn’t do that, that could be dangerous. It’s safer to route them across the bindings.

That was a nice idea to solve a problem with fitting on flexible board… I still thinking how to make my box and fit it on trampa holypro too

Good idea. Thanks!