Custom battery enclosure *No specialty tools method*

So I am using a hummie deck as my platform, but this can be done with any deck.

So to start off let me say that you will be working with resin and fiberglass, you should wear an actual respirator (not a cheap dust cover), silicone based gloves, and a long sleeve shirt (trust me, it helps) also, work in a well ventilated area as fumes are strong and can make others nearby nauseous, dizzy, or high… and as always, please use common sense and don’t do anything stupid.

No that the formalities are out of the way, you will need several things to begin with, and it helps if you have them all when u start so ur not having to stop in the middle and what have you, let’s begin:

  • fiberglass mat/cloth. This is up to you, I use the strand fiberglass as I’ve always been told it was stronger, but u can use the woven kind too as this really isn’t super structural.

*Fiberglass Resin. This can be picked up at most big name hardware stores as well as auto body/auto parts store. I get mine from AutoZone personally because I get a discount, but the source really doesn’t matter.

  • Bondo. Same as above, this is used as the last step before you paint to smooth out the glass, since you’re not using vacuum bagging you will most likely get air bubbles and need to level out ur case, however if u plan to use a flexi deck I would avoid this and take more time with the process early on.

  • silicone based brushes, roller, and spreader. Silicone doesn’t mix with the urethane so when it dries u can just peel it off and reuse the same tools (learned this after countless melted and hardened paint brushes.)

  • duct tape. No explanation here…

  • Cellophane

  • C clamps (see pics for explaination)

  • flexible/hard strips for clamping (see pics with C clamps.) these are for forming the lips which will screw to the deck to hold the enclosure to the deck.

I believe that’s it but I will edit if I use more stuff.

So to begin you will need to figure out the tallest point your enclosure needs to cover. In my case it’s the double stacked batteries.



Now that we know the tallest point of the enclosure it’s time to form the foundation for our case…

So we start by arranging the batteries (or other wise tallest objects in the enclosure) to form and distribute the height evenly, like so…



Now we need to establish the base dimension for the enclosure… in my case I’m going for a tapered look to give the illusion of looking slimmer than it is so I will be using the same dimensions as the battery cutout…




So from here you will use duct tape to shape the enclosure so TAKE YOUR TIME… this is one of the most important parts lol any uneven, flat, or warped area will show in the finished peice…



From here, when you’re pleased with the shape of your enclosure you wrap it in several layers of overlapping cellophane, make sure there are no gaps and keep the cellophane as smooth as possible


Now when you’re sure there are no leaks (please ignore my sloppy wrapping haha I was in a hurry) u can begin the glassing process. To begin start by cutting ur fiberglass mat into small strips, then mix up some resin… make small batches as u can always mix more later… from there apply a thin coat of resin to the cellophane surface and start laying on the strips in an over-lapping fashion, ALWAYS overlap

20180713_152520 20180713_152517

Now keep doing this and be sure to leave some over hang so you can cut the enclosure to fit and account for any shrinkage…

Next comes those bars I was talking about. I just happened to have some 1/2" acrylic sheet laying around so I cut 2 strips off and that was that.

20180713_173108 20180713_173050 20180713_173045 20180713_17305920180713_153252 20180713_153301

From here I apply a 2 more layers and let it dry over night.

20180714_114106 20180714_114133 20180714_114050 20180714_114143 20180714_114046

I almost forgot now would be a good time to mention paints… if you want you can actually use pigments to dye the resin, or you can pick a rattle can of choice and paint as u would most anything else.

To be continued…



Reinforcing the mounting lip with 4 extra layers.

Keep in mind, when letting the fiberglass cure leave it on a level surface with the outside layer facing upward. Resins have a sort of wax in them that rises to the surface and helps it cure because of this you also must sand in between applications of layers.



great write up, I’m sure this will be useful for those interested in building fg enclosure.

@Titoxd10001 was kind enough to build me one, I’m sure using the same or similar methods.






His looks good… I have the stuff to make this properly (vacuum form) but I wanted to show the everyday diy’er you dont NEED that stuff to get the job done and still look good… just takes longer lol

However this is how I started making my fiberglass positives for my cosplay shop. Now I make 1, vac form it, and resin cast my props lol

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12s6p double stack?

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The way I did it is wrap the board in packing tape. Shape some pink insulation foam board. Spray the whole thing in spray adhesive. Stick on first fiberglass layer then add coat of epoxy and stick on second layer of fiberglass. Layer by layer. Then final layer of epoxy. Melt pink foam with acetone. Wet sand till desired. Paint/clear coat.

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@Titoxd10001 Explains why it looks so beefy and tough… now how did u keep the resin from melting the pink foam? When I first tried using tht foam board it would always melt

I never had problem of melting the pink insulation foam. Might be the type of resin. I used west coast system epoxy resin

Ahh, I use Bondo brand resin since I get a discount from Napa on auto body products

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correct, stagger stack, same shit

That’s how I’m making my pack :D… did you build it?

yep, I like building packs

@Titoxd10001 will you be making any more of that thick enclosure for the Hummie deck?

No, unfortunately it was just a one off for @thisguyhere. Don’t have equipment/vacuum to make these at a reasonable pace.


Darn. I guess you saved me some money then :joy:


What’s your opinion on how this guy did his in this video?

It’s pretty much what I’m doin here he’s just using foam core like @Titoxd10001

And he’s throwing CF over the top… my issue with CF enclosures is it’s conductive and it makes a faradays cage… so if u use a CF enclose with hummies deck u run the risk of no signal

@Titoxd10001, gorgeous job

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I probably should have stuck to fiberglass. Only the last layer is carbon fiber. Tho I’ve never had signal issue while riding but do notice less range when I’m not near my board like +15ft. Hopefully thisguyhere doesn’t have any issues with cf enclosure. I do run antenna outside enclosure. On a different board I used only fiberglass and dyed the epoxy black. Decided to keep the texture also 20180715_122723

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How much depth do you want in there? 38mm or thereabouts?