Custom Board Deck Manufacturers

Hey guys, I’m looking for a company that manufactures custom longboard decks for my integrated project. If you have any ideas i’m more than happy to hear them! Thanks, Charlie

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I do but haven’t sold any yet.

When do u think u will

When you buy one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously he just made a sales thread the days ago. Buy one, he build one.


No one tagged the man himself. We all know the one person that makes the prettiest longboards in the esk8 market right now.


Thx @dareno :slight_smile:


@Sololongboards He da man.

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I don’t think vendors who are earning their daily bread from selling parts would give out that information. Casual builders maybe. Best bet is to look on alibaba.

Alibaba is the place to go if you want to do your own project. There are some interesting decks on there already integrated top or bottom. Most that I found were carbon fibre but I’m sure with some searching you can come up with something unique. Most vendors on there will make what you want to. The moq goes up considerably though as you might expect but if they already make something then you can usually get samples for a decent price. Last year I bought 3 carbon integrated decks for $180 bucks a piece for science and they are pretty cool.
new%20build%20016 this is one iteration IMG_0995 This is another 4wd with hubs and a 10s 4p in progress. One on the left lol Happy hunting!

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Too many times zones difference @dareno, when you could find them in your own backyard (Kalifornia Skateboards)…


Thats where I first saw them. Theres about three different companies in aus professing to have created a carbon masterpiece and low and behold… 10 mins on aliexpress and boom. Its actually a very nicely built deck that is stable at speed and Its foam filled so is light as. I’ve had that at 12s 4p and 10s4p with 6374 and hubs and its a great easy deck to base a build on. Once you sort the orange dot out first lol. That is where the receiver goes btw. Gets round the drop out issues with carbon. Point is you can find all sorts of stuff on the chinese market place if you try.

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They are selling that one complete, a test board, for mere $399 !! (down from $1,300)


Described as their masterpiece. Like they designed it and dragged it to the market instead of finding it on ali and marking it up 150% Retails for 1999 aus. Deck is the only redeeming feature.

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And I was asking my self the same, and searching for a custome deck that I can order 50+ pieces, then I’ll see on alibaba, the only problem I see there it’s that not all the vendors are trusty.

But i also need to buy the motors, want something like the bkb ones, do you think I’ll find them there? I mean sealed motors, or waterproof?

Decks yes electronics no.

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Where do you think it’s a good place to find electronics, like motors, vesc?

I could help anyone out its what I do all day just drop me a line. I tend not to talk about my clients work publicly but I think @bigben will vouch for me as he is a member of the inner steeze builder’s sanctum…


So you can help me to know with whom to buy parts for making a brand?