Custom board for sale: Fully loaded AT trampa/Kaly style Esk8, $2500 SOLD

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Not sure if I’m allowed to sell a completed board here or not… anyways, as much as I don’t want to sell this board I really want to fund another one that I can build so here goes.

Trampa hs11 16 ply deck

Trampa Ultimate trucks yellow bushings (will include green ones as well)

Primo alpha 8” wheels

Custom honey comb grip

Voltage meter/battery reader

12s4p li ion Samsung 30Q 18650 battery pack

Dual ESCapes in custom housing as well as inside the SE56 Seahorse waterproof case. (Easy access for ESCapes to be hooked up to computer if you want to change settings)

Bestech d596 BMS (charge and discharge)

Torqueboards Nano remote with ppm y splitter for the ESCapes.

Motor mounts came from idea

Everything is in amazing condition.

Haven’t done a full range test on it yet but I did 13 miles on it yesterday and the battery was at 50%

Haven’t done top speed because it is fast as fuck. I’m guessing 25-30mph, maybe more.

I spent close to 4 grand on it as I bought a lot of extra parts and sacrificed a few on the way during the build process.

I’m asking $2500, shipped (in the US)

I’m open to offers. I will pay all shipping and Paypal fees

Here’s the build thread


You are absolutely encouraged to list complete boards here, my friend. I’ve purchased several from our community (and a couple of them even worked!) :wink:

A mod may ask you to post recent pics in this thread, along with a general location to encourage local buyers.

Please make sure your price includes PayPal fees (or call that out as extra).

You did great work; I wish I needed another one. Good hunting bud.

And this has a bearing on its value how? Be realistic dude


Agreed. You spend $4,000 in total testing parts. But you are selling the final build. List out current parts. Total it and offer at 70-80% and see if there are any interest. It’s a beautiful board but used none the less.


It has less than than 30 miles on it and I’m open to offers

I’ll get a parts list soon


And I’m assuming you didn’t have enough room in the battery tray for the VESC’s?

Sold, sorry

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