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Hi all,

Here I will be continuously updating my build progress as more and more parts come in.

Here are links to all of the parts being used in this build…




Motor Mounts: **Motor Pulley:**

Wheel Pulley: Still searching for a 38t kegel pulley but here is a 36t which will work




I am unsure about the battery enclosure and deck at this point, and was looking for help from the community. Being on the bigger side, (6ft 2, 220 lbs) I have a hard time finding longboard decks capable of supporting me without too much flex. I am worried the battery (19 inches long) will be subjected to flex depending on the deck I end up using. Is this an issue I should be concerned about?

I have this deck coming in the mail:

However I am interested in using a custom deck…

and need suggestions on a really stiff wood to protect the battery and enclosure from cracking. This, or suggestions for decks that are substaintially thick enough, 9 ply+

in the meantime check out this deck as a pre order which may work!!


Welcome to the forum…

Your not the only one that has to think about this, plenty of big guys here building esk8s.

You might want to look at a flexible battery build, similar to what @kaly does on his emtb

some good reading here for you:

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I have done some reading on flexible enclosures/batteries and I certainly don’t have the tools on hand to make my own flexible battery. Finding flexible battery packs in stock online seems to be rather difficult as well. Anticipating the need for a stiff deck I made this block of a board out of 1 inch thick 9 ply AC fir plywood.

I am actually pleased with the result, it is lightweight but sturdy enough to jump on. I have also found this deck but it is not in my taste. Weight limit is 375 lbs.

Yeah, not many builders i have seen offering that. Maybe time to save up & buy a complete from the likes of @Kaly or @Arch

Well this is what I came up with…

![0626200831|666x500] (upload://e3Uxy0fH8uV1fMmp3E9JYG0p8HM.jpeg)

fairly satisfied. Its a bit heavy and I really miss the flex on other boards. I went with the west coast standards fishbone enclosure.