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Custom built battery packs in Australia 10s4p 30Q Evolve upgrade or DIY

Hi Folks,

I’m in Brisbane, building esk8 battery packs in my off-season. I will continue indefinitely, just a little slower in the summer. Currently taking expressions of interest for the next batch of cells, which I will order soon. lots of 30Q’s and maybe a few others. Below are some photos of my current orders. happy to do Evolve upgrades or custom specs for a DIY build.

10s4p 30Q is $440AUD. 10s5p 30Q is $490 12s5p 30Q is $575

Bestechpower BMS are available. Unfortunately, shipping and exchange rate stung pretty hard. 10s 80A $85 12s 80A $96 10s 40A(for charge only setup) $45 if you prefer another bms that’s all good. just let me know so I can put the right plug on for you. I’ll have the spec sheets up soon

Fitting, shipping or extra work will add a few dollarydoos. Other sizes available, inquire within.

Build details. after a lot of research on nickel strips and their amp ratings, this is what I’ve settled on. For the middle series connection, I use four strips of 10x.02mm with a smaller strip for the parallel. Outside will have 10 or 12 AWG copper wire soldered onto the middle of the parallel connection - two layers of 10x0.15. I’ve also done a lot of test welds to make sure that I can get through both layers and the cell with each tap to ensure a strong, long lasting weld.

Balance wires are 26awg. I can crimp jst terminals/plugs on there. Evolve compatible balance plug is available. Charge wires are 20awg

Choice of power connector. Deans T style for Evolve or XT60 (or whatever you fancy)

*Update - Round one Complete. Round two - cells arrived Round three - cells Arrived Taking names for the next order. eta mid September

IMG_20180730_230044 IMG_20180627_221217 IMG_20180627_221706


Hi @TinnieSinker, Welcome mate, while some others will no doubt chime in on your battery design, only level 3 members can take money from forum members in advance of actually having the product ready to ship. These transactions are called a “group buy”. You might need to edit your offer. I had a look and didn’t see the level 3 “regular” badge on your profile, sorry if I missed it.



All good. Pre-order was not the best way to word it. No need for up front payment. More like a virtual hand shake.


I’d go back and edit your initial post to convey that then bro, if a Admin comes by and doesn’t like the look of it they will close the thread and ask questions latter…

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Looks very nice mate, just wondering are other sized packs available? Ie 10s2p or 12s3p.

I’m not necessarily interested just though it might be helpful for others to know. Also great price

Im happy to do other sizes and layouts. I will add that in, thanks!

Hi, looking at doing my evolve gt bamboo. What would be the best pack in 10s4p. Don’t won’t to cut out the deck as I’m 100kgs. Will just make a spacer. Are your packs the same size as stock ( only thicker ) and do you need the BMS or is it all marked to do it my self. Ps I’m only 2 hrs away in far north nsw. Cheers…

Hey mate, the 30Q’s are the best all rounder choice for 10s4p.

The pack in the pics is going in a bamboo gt very soon so I’ll know for sure how well it fits then. we’re just waiting on some connectors that will hopefully fit the evolve bms. if so the only thing you’ll have to do it pop it in and solder the remaining negative(labeled) wires to the bms. From what I’ve read, its just a 2mm spacer and it should fit nicely in the enclosure.

awesome, I grew up in NNSW :slight_smile:


Sweet. Book us in for one when your all good to go. The way you build your packs, will they handle the flex of the Bamboo?

Done deal!

certainly can. by using copper wire on the outside series connections, the pack is very flexible. The shrink tube adds some stiffness but not enough to worry about. I could shrink it in sections if you would like the most flex possible.

All good, just the same as the one your doing now. :+1:

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Hey buddy, signed up just so I could get in touch! I’m definitely interested in getting a pack from you for my CGT, I also live not far from you on the Gold Coast. Since there’s more room in the CGT compared to the BGT do you think a 5P version could fit without having to relocate and re drill a spot for the motor controller?

Also, there’s a huge amount of fake 30Q’s going around, have you sourced your cells from somewhere reputable?

Thanks and looking forward to gettting a pack from you.

Just wondering what the rough cost for a 12s5p 30Q would run?

Mate where were you 12 months ago, 3 packs and and 2 spot welders later you could have saved me a fortune.


What type of Nickel strips are you using in the middle of the pack?

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Hey mate, I’ve seen pics of 10s5p and even bigger batts going into the carbon GT but haven’t really looked into what is involved.

This order is coming from NKON, they seem to have the best rep

@anon42702729 good question! I’ve been meaning to put these details into the description. 10x0.2mm nickel for the series connection in the middle, with 10x0.1 or 0.15 for the parallel. since there is a 0.2 stip on each cell, the parallel seems less significant. the outside is 10x0.2 with a double layer for the middle two cells. copper wire is soldered in the middle to get the shortest distance of travel for the power through the nickel to the copper.

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hey mate, 60 cells + labour + materials will come in around $560-600

Hey man I’m keen! I signed up just to say I’m in too! How the heck do you PM in this forum?!

I have a Carbon GT and need just that little more juice for my commute! Can I please have dibs on that last battery back?!

Let me know how I can flick you dollars! Pete


@peteprez hey mate, glad to hear you’re keen as well! Just waiting on confirmation from someone about the last pack. but don’t stress, since so many people are keen i will be ordering more cells once i build these four. hopefully by the end of the month.

Yes definitely count me in for the next available one mate. You’re right in that 10S4P is the sweet spot so +1 for that.

Am happy to come to you to pickup instead if shipping since I’m just up the M1. Would just like to minimise any chance of it being damaged after made.

Cheers, Daniel.