Custom Deck and Enclosure For Sale

Hey guys!

I know this ia bad timing because of Black Friday and everyone trying to get deals and everything, but I have a Deck and Enclosure for sale!

It is a new Drop Through Jet Killshot that I customized with silvery fabric skinning and glass frit.

It comes with a custom Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass enclosure already mounted to the deck with M4 threaded inserts and Fender Washers.

This deck/enclosure combo took many hours of work for me. I am selling it because I have too many projects and need to clear my bench a bit for some stuff incoming.

This is not for the novice builder. You will have to drill mounting holes, and yoy will have to drill holes in the enclosure for any battery indicators, switches or charge ports.

I left the mounting holes undrilled to give you options for how you want to set it up (top mount or drop through).

No matter what you do, get some x-washer from @akhlut. Because they add some robustness and look amazing.

The enclosure is damn bullet proof. Super strong, and can easily be buffed, sanded or you can always blast another coat of clear to restore shine. The internal dimensions are about 6" x 21" and could house a double stack battery if you use thicker weather stripping.

It fits 10s4p perfectly for a flat pack and has plenty of room for other hardware.

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Here are some build thread pics… they might be a little random.

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What it includes:

-Completely custom Jet Kill Shot with glass frit

  • Custom fit CF enclosure (hand made and bullet)

  • Stainless threaded inserts and m4 bolts+fendor washers.

you must drill your own mounting holes!

This thing is beautiful, but was also handmade and has minor cosmetic imperfections (like fucking everything)

It is not a light set up, but it is bad ass.

I would like to get $325 shipped, but am open to trade offers or other offers.

Hell, if you aren’t a veteran builder, get @psychotiller to build it out for you! :wink:

Thanks for checking it out, I hope you like “Captain Phasma”


The way the deck wells match the enclosure… Sexy. The whole combination is bad ass.


Thanks Mike!

“Abba Zabba… You’re my only Friend”


Naw, somebody will scoop it up, .ost fools are just broke from BF :grinning:.

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IKR, bangin timing on my part.

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How much $$$?


Oh damn…

How much?!!:sunglasses:

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Shipping to europe? :slight_smile:


I said $325, i know, I know. It is pricey.

But goddammit, I spent so much time on this mother fucker.

I know that isn’t the buyers prerogative, but still.

The inserts, fender washers and M4s alone is like $25. With some extras in case of loss.

But for you Dave… $10 and a fine lobster dinner with your Mother.

Or store credit, lol.


I wasn’t planning on it, but I can check out parcel monkey and see what it would cost.


Sold! PM me.


Sorry I should have said that in the post.

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I think you should still look up Parcel monkey info for @Mich21050 so that it least looks like you’re working a little bit.


Wow, my home boys first sale and it was to @psychotiller…that’s some epic shit right there :grinning:.





Nevermind I just read the price… :joy:


@Sender , bro. WHERE’S THE BUILD THREAD?? Was that the web-lock cf/kevlar from composite envisions? What’s the buildup (layers and epoxy used)?? I know it’s sold, but I want info lol

Edit: killer work btw


This thing is badass! Looks like you put in a lot of hours. I hope @psychotiller gets it so I can check it out!