Custom deck build for esk8: Maple, Fibreglass, balsa technology

It’s currently 2:17am on a school morning but we all know this is more important.

I’ve made a couple fibreglass boards before (can be found on @enrico_log on instagram) and now i’m planning on making a third.

Our robotics team developed (stryoaminium) which is a thick layer of styrofoam sandwiched with very thin aluminum sheets. It proved to be extremely strong and light, it’s like budget carbon fiber. A direct quote from Midland Daily News: "The team ended the weekend with another FIRST® Safety Award and Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi for the “uber-light, ultra-stiff, budget unobtanium” – a material Team 2619 nicknamed “Styrominium.” Styrominium was created by sandwiching two pieces of Dow Chemical Co. Styrofoam and bracing it with aluminum."

That inspired the idea between maple and fiberglass sandwiching the balsa core.

Will be a 35-37" single kick, 26" wheelbase with squared, routed wheel wells. W concave & slight rocker

(not sure if this idea has been done before)

That’s all folks, thanks for your time.


Shoutout to a bro in the FIRST community, I was on Team Spyder 1622 for 5 years in high school!

Cool idea btw. I’m sure if you do more than one regional you will get that award several times lol

In what part of the robot was it used? I would imagine it would be a good support for a climbing structure or something tall in this year’s game.


Wait, wait, wait… WAAAAIT BRO! I need to know more about this styrominium compound :star_struck: The principle is simple and brilliant, how does it compare in strength and stiffness with raw aluminum 7000 T6 ? What would be the weight and density differences ? I’m PM’ing the shit outta your mail box right now haha haven’t been enthusiastic like that about “tech” for a long time !


Did some sketching and some CAD, here’s what I got:

Some profile views: W concave: Walnut veneer bottom with routed out wells Didn’t do a full render, just a screen capture

Here you can see the shape the mold will have to take:


Any news on this deck? I’d be interested in one.

I am looking for a 32" - 35" board w/ Kicktail. 22" WB minimum, flat bottom for enclosure mounting.

This deck looks sweet

I’m not sure I would use Balsa wood as the core. Balsa is very light but it is pretty each to break you would want to use another sort of hard wood. You could use bamboo if you are doing to small enclosures.

That’s the whole point. Please read the whole post, especially about the styrominium part.

Building the press at the moment. Haven’t got wood yet bc of school eating up my time. But all the cad is done.

Awesome work Apolo, I will be anxiously waiting your testing and results. Best of luck at school (but spend your time where it’s more valuable [esk8 duh]).

Hope I can get a deck like the one you proposed for my first DIY

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