Custom E-Boards.. Where can i buy?

Hi Everyone. Is there someone here that does custom builds for others? Id like to DIY my own board but don’t have the time. Something similar to an Eelectric penny or Acton blink. Any ideas?

Contact @longhairedboy. He’s done a bunch of custom builds for various users on here.


just a warning to expand your budget more than just a Acton board.

Yup! i do them. I hope you like Ridiculously Over Powered Rocket Sticks™ lol

I’ve got a few build threads on here. Search for anything with LHB in the title.

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Budget is pretty flexible @barajabali .Just like the size of the Blink board

As an owner of the Blink, it’s usable but not great if you want speed…or brakes for that matter. Short board at high speed in general is just not the same kind of fun as long board and high speed. I literally put the drive from my Blink to a longboard just for fun and was hooked, started research on DIY the same night

Oh okay gotchu!

I recommend a skateboard 8.25 deck. I use them on all my customer builds! Very unique and stable. (and pretty compact)

did i see something about @longhairedboy not doing custom decks anymore?

Cheers mate. Do you think you could put together a Penny board? Details to be provided but as a general scope given the size (22" or 27")Theres the obvious limitations which ill happily accept

Not fussed with speed. Currently own a Evolve GT. More for my son than myself. Cheers

i press my own decks. What i don’t do is use third party decks in my commissions anymore for a number of reasons, mostly reasons involving box creation.

The James Kelly Pro Model 2016 build i did and posted a thread about was my “going out with a bang” build that marked the end of it.

But i will do custom shaped cutouts of the blanks i press provided my boxes will fit on them. I’ve got one i have to draw out, trace and cut this weekend in fact. Its for a customer who wanted just the deck. We’re calling it the Harlot. So ill have a new addition to my collection of shapes soon which all need proper pics and to be posted on my site still.

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Nice! glad to see your business growing :slight_smile:

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then a short board is perfect. My wife ride the Blink, It’s great to have that switch that restricts her to 5 mph until she gets the hang of it.

Thats a negatory to the penny itself? but not the shape? Sorry for the lame questions but I’m still a bit of a noob in this department!

Was that you that was going to send me that penny? I’m totally doing that penny. But that’s a special case.

Its kind of a right of passage squeezing all that stuff on a penny.

Somebody emailed me about a penny and i agreed to it… mostly because penny.

I don’t know why but I genuinely expected to see a large stick with rockets on it.

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Haha yeah totally. Ill send the penny or it could be added to final price whatever best suits your process.

given that its a penny and a lower watt hour single drive, it likely won’t be as much as my usual builds. I won’t know though until i get it and start figuring things out.

Ok so maybe the kelly wasn’t my last third party build. but this time i swear. lol

Please show us pics when its done :slight_smile: