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Custom enclosure for battery UK

Hi everyone!

In the process of finalising my build, only the VESC yet to arrive and then pretty much done! I’ve currently got a 18650 battery pack (custom made, 61513022mm) and am looking to get an enclosure to mount it to my board. Torqueboards does not sell an enclosure, psycho doesn’t ship to UK, enertion’s isn’t long enough so I’m tough out of options apart from vacuum forming one myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions to go about this, such as shock mounting it etc. I’d feel a lot safer with an enclosure than velcroing the pack to the underside of my board!

Many Thanks!

Hope these pictures help, sorry the lighting and angles are bad, not much place to do this in the evening!

TB’s does have one. I dont think that battery is going to last too long with a dervish.

It’s not coming until later. I asked him directly! :slight_smile: And I think with some padding between the board and battery I think the battery will be fine.

you better open that battery and try to make a flexible point otherwise that thing is going to break, its not meant to flex that much.the spot welded connection will snap.

i have a flex one vanguard and is pretty flexible that one is more flexible so be carefull.

about the enclosure get some foam and make a volume the size of your battery, use abs like this one

and use a heat gun and a ruler to molded to your liking on the foam.

What flex is your dervish?

Sweet looking battery! My main concern and i think it’s what @ArmandR is saying - FLEX is going to be a bitch to secure your battery.

Dervish (and Vanguard) are flexy decks. A battery is not flexy. So you can take a beautiful flexy deck and kill it’s flex w/ a 24 bolt reinforced enclosure to keep your battery from flexing, or you need to have a big buffer and cushion setup to “float” the battery below the deck and let it flex.

This is why most Loaded have two enclosures front/back - one for batteries, others for electronics, and let the deck flex in the middle.


Maybe you can get one of longhairedboys new enclosures. There is also whitepony who has made some pieces of art with carbon fiber and i guess you could ask for advice

I don’t think the enclosure is the issue. Any enclosure will work, just not on a flexy deck without some serious re-engineering. Of the batteries to flex, the enclosure to hold the deck stiff and not let it flex, or some sort of floating enclosure below the deck to let it flex, but not flex the battery.

You can take ABS/Kydex and a heat gun to make your own enclosure pretty simply - but you still need to figure out how to keep your battery from flexing on this deck.


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Who the hell told you I don’t ship to the UK?!! I know for a fact it wasn’t me. :grimacing: Don’t be spreading rumors my man

Edit- Uuuugh! Just had my new website built and the international shipping slipped by me. Sorry for my out burst. Shipping to the UK is $32. You would need to add that to your total.

For the record, I think you need to get a new deck for your build with that battery pack. It will break.



In full agreement on this one! You can’t afford to risk that gorgeous battery! The overall size of the battery and the flexy nature of the Dervish…Looks way too sketchy, bro! :scream:

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Where did you get your wheel pulley from? 15mm? The motor pulley looks like it’s from DIY.

kydex/heat gun/ block of wood. some flex and plenty of protection. kydex i got from ebay was from UK.

Motor pulley is 16T 15mm from DIY, the wheel pulley is from alien drive (now power) systems.

My Dervish is now becoming a top deck instead of a drop through!

In addition to this, I’m going to get some shock risers to give extra height which will help to either put it back to drop through but with risers and new bolts, or an even higher top mount.

I’ve ordered some abs to make an enclosure, can’t estimate how long it should take at the moment.