Custom Enclosure

Looking for an 8 inch long by 6 inch wide by 2.75 high enclosure. Don’t want to spend too much money.

Plastic box from the dollar store…


Try the container store or ikea, they have lots of cases you could use

won’t they break easily

get some fiberglass and glass it

you could shape fiberglass?

Yea… just look up fiberglass on the search button

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ok thank you

Give kydex a try. Just stick it in the oven and drape it over anything for a contour enclosure. It’s on ebay

ok good idea thanks but is kydex waterproof

you seem like you haven’t done much research. At any rate, kydex is a plastic material that becomes formable when you heat it up. The material itself is, of course, “waterproof”, but the waterproofing of the enclosure you make with it is up to you.

how old are you?

Check out my waterproof kydex enclosure! I used a yoga mat to make it water tight.

@GrecoMan none of your business and @ndwallick thanks.

lol my guess is 10-14

Lol 12345678910Chars

I will charge you14us +6us shipping. will use aluminum sheet.

No thanks I made my own. Can someone lock this please?