Custom Evolve 12s4p HG2 518WH Dual VESC build

Thought I would share my custom build. I bought a used evolve gen 2 deck on craigslist bought the evolve GT trucks and loaded it up with custom battery, dual vesc, and 6355 motors. Had to make a motor mount for the 63mm motors. Gearing is 13-38 with a 12mm belt but I have some 15mm belts and a 12t 15mm pulley on order.


This is awesome! If I can still call this an Evolve, this is the best Evolve board I’ve seen.


Did my eyes spot Solidworks?

Why didn’t the evolve motor mounts fit the 63 motors. I think they should work with 50 and 63 motors.

with the angle of the stock motor mount the 63mm motors would be rubbing on the deck at the tail, but you are correct they would have mounted up.

Very nice :smiley:

Nice build! Good use of an Evolve deck.

How far can you travel with your setup. I am trying to make the 50k mark.

not sure yet, need to do some more riding to determine the max range. I did do 20 miles riding all out but the batt wasn’t fully charged and I can’t remember the end voltage was. I just got the metr app going so I will fully charge and log it.

they fit the ollin motors perfectly

If you don’t mind, can you share the clamp for the motor mount?

This is awesone, really like your battery work. I am modding the same model gen2 evolve but have not started the build yet. Debating whether to keep the evolve trucks, as have to rework mounts to fit dual rear drive like you did. Please let me know if you share how to recreate mounts you did. Right now am temp building with @psychotiller wide trucks and MBS 100mm AT urethane wheels for fun but not a good permanent answer like yours!

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I was able to remake the mount plate, thanks to his drawing. :+1: :+1:

Sounds great mane! Can’t wait to hear!

anyone know where else you could get a used evolve CF deck besides craigslist?

where are you?

Hello, You are shure that le 63XX moteor will feet on the original plate, and the only problem is the angle (i plan to do the same with another board) ? thanks

Hi I’m new here. Hoping to get in touch with op. Is it possible to dm people? I’ve got an Evolve Gen 2amd want to see if op does custom work for hire. Thanks

Hey just a quick update. A few of you asked me to e-mail you the cad file for the motor mount, I am currently redesigning a version that has an idler roller to keep the belt from slipping on hard braking and greatly reduce the wear on the motor pulley. Going to print my last revision tomorrow and test fit. I will post them both when after I verify fitment.

funny that you mention that. I just whipped this up last night :stuck_out_tongue: