Custom Evolve 12s4p HG2 518WH Dual VESC build

Not sure how well that design would work…

You may need to curve the idler slot so you can use the full range. It looks like it would hit the pulley in that design.

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I measured it, the pulley shouldn’t hit. Curving the idler slot just moves the idler closer to the wheel pulley anyway. Made specifically for the AT setup pulley(66T so its rather large). But i think it should work for the street setup too. Also, with a 22mm bearing, that idler slot has PLENTY of range.

I extended the length of the entire mount to make some extra room, so it’s quite a bit longer than the standard evolve motor plate.

I 3d printed a prototype last night, will post pics when i’m home from work.

Also designing my new mount for the 66t AT pulley, from memory my axel to idler distance is 71mm and puley to motor distance is 110mm. The mount is starting to getting pretty large but I had to extend it even more because the 63mm motor didn’t allow for enough space for the nut on the idler shaft.

Makes sense that the 63mm would cause some space issues. I was barely able to make it fit with the 50mm motors. At least the way the motors are mounted a little extra length isn’t too much problem.

Max dimensions on my 3d printer are 150mmx150mm, so i’m trying to keep it within those specs so I can print out prototypes and test.

Hey there! That board looks sick @oripaamoni!!! Great job! Is it possible to have the cad of the motor mount? I have an evolve gt carbon and I need more power to climb the hills, and the 50mm sucks, it gets hot too fast… Cos I m quite new to this world, does anyone knows if I have to change the vESC as well if I change motors??