Custom (Graphic) grip tape. Where in Eu? Or - how to make on your own?

Hi there! I’ve been recently interested in getting a nice looking grip tape for my somewhat ‘‘shaby’’ deck…

Is it possible to find custom designs in Eu?

Also if you are from USA, share your source :slight_smile: I know there are some on ebay and amazon, too, but it seems a lof of them are pretty general (army camo, stripes, cubes etc)… or the price is quite high for me to order it (30+ usd incl shipping)…

I got inspired from this guy, who customized his evolve:

He said he got it for like 8usd (6eur) in local shop…

I dont have any local shops nearby who would specialize in something like this… so I though - is it possible to get one from the net?

This one also seems somewhat cool, too bad it is also in usa:


This is the link for the High times grip tape and a Joker one

Hah im not sure do I want the same exact one but thanks for pointing me to that shop!

Will look it up!

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No worries i edited one more link “Joker grip” in to that first reply, sorry if ya seen it before but im looking for custiom grip for my future build also, so thought id chip in with some suggestions.

If you want it really individual, you can use a layer of printed fiberglass and glass/cleargrip on top.

If you want, i will take some exampli images tomorrow.

Images would be nice! I actually saw the other day how one guy was applying a4 printed images onto the wood… though he said that it is better to use soft wood so not sure how good this might work on bamboo and other similar woods…

On a side note - he used just regular varnish… firstly by covering the wood with it…and then laying the image onto the wood… image down… then he heated the whole thing with hot air… and lastly applied one more coat of varnish…

What I didnt like about this method was that he had to scrape off the paper… to see the image at the end… though, it looked really really well… it’s just a bit of work involved…

This guy looks like he almost uses just spray paint… and a stencil for the image.

This shop has some great designs… though they dont really ship to eu :confused:

That is the reason i use Printed glass. Glass gets fully transperent when fully wet/laminated. The glass is either available pre-printed(Example) or for printing on a laser-printer(A4 or on roll). Another possibility is to use hand-drawings on Xuan.paper, which also gets almost 100% transparent when fully infused with resin.

Ok will take a look! I definately need to see some pictures… never heard of printing on fiber glass…

Do you have pics on how this looks on a board?

I assume the final result is something similar like evolve has - with glossy finish at the end?

Im not sure how this might suit the place where feet is located… but other than that it sounds like it could be great design for other areas on the board…Im using bindings… but I think there still needs to be some grip on the surface… so it seems with this solution I would still need some clear / transparent grip on top of the fiber glass :slight_smile:

There is some clear crushed glass / corund on top(you can look up @longhairedboy builds for that) that grips even better than normal griptape. O will take some pictures of my boards the next time i get home.

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Cool, at least I can look up someone who has already done it :slight_smile: @flatsp0t your own images/pictures of it would be the best! Please post when you can :wink:

I will browse my photos tomorrow, maybe i have some on my phone.

Check out whatever skateboards

Custom design your own

Do you guys know how do they make these sort of designs/graphic:


Im not entirely sure how they make the graphic / visual part… but the outer layer (coating) is still some sort of varnish on top of that… Would be cool to find out whenever it is possible to do something similar at home…

This way I wouldnt need to order the grip tape… could keep the grip tape for the feet spots… but design / make graphic for the tail and front…