Custom Gravity drop kick 43" build

This is my custom build. 2 turnigy sk3 430kv motors, 2 VESC 240A Max, custom LG hg2 18650 6s6p battery 18,000mah. I’ve gotten this thing up to 27 MPH before I ate shit lol. It’s chain driven and super fun!


Great to see you’ve gone for the chain drive but what made you mount the motors out the back rather than underneath?

My deck drops in the center so the motors would have clearance issues. In the picture it doesn’t look like it, but the motors are facing up so I can still kick the board for those extra sharp turns

Looks like you’d still have loads of clearance though where you have your ESCs…

You’re probably right lol. But I like the motors in the back. It’s different and I’m all about different lol

Do you get much torque? Also, wouldn’t that go over the rpm limit of the vesc?

Cool enclosure… what are those ‘‘knob’’ things on the sides of it? Does it really have that many screws… looks sort of like thunder rods to me :smiley: better pic would be nice

Yes, those are all screws. The battery enclosure is only attached to the middle of the board because the board flexes. The battery is smaller than the case, but it’s surrounded in insulation which is why the case looks so big.

Plenty of torque. If you gun it while trying to accelerate, you will fly off this thing lol. I don’t know anything about VESC RPM limit, I’m fairly new at this…Sorry. Either way, you’re mostly cruising at half throttle which keeps it around 18mph.

nice build. that’s an awesome deck. i have the same one for my first build on 90mm flywheels. hella flexy though and i’m only 140 lbs. i have my motors mounted on the inside, been thinking of doing it like yours, i was just concerned about not having to be able to use the kicktail anymore. how are those sidewinders at high speed? probably why you ate shit @ 27mph? i would be scared putting those pricey VESCs there unprotected. what’s your gear ratio?

Thank you! Yeah, sidewinders are definitely not the way to go lol. I’m definitely going to replace the upper kingpin bushing with just washers so that I get “regular” steering. I can use the kick tail just fine, I’m going to redo the motor mounts with 1/4" thick aluminum, since the motors were more powerful than I expected. I’m also working on protection for the VESCs, but haven’t had much time lately…I’m going to install an actual on/off switch, and a charge port. And cover up all the wires. The gear ratio is 10 tooth front and 30 tooth rear. Should be 3 motor turns to one wheel turn

BTW sweet chain drive!

I guess I should’ve done more research before I just threw a bunch of parts together. My way of thinking (feel free to criticize it since I know it’s not the best at times) was to get slightly higher KV motors, so that I can cruise at a decent speed without using much battery. Probably flawed in many ways, but I’ve already done a 10 mile test ride going about 18 to 20 mph with over half of the battery remaining…Can’t I set the erpm limit in the BLDC tool? Or should I just go with lower KV motors? Thanks for the complement on the chain drive!

Nice build, I learn something new from each build shared. Should be a solid purchase for someone.

well, it’s working and you’re having fun. maybe just be a little easy on the throttle. and you don’t wanna go too fast with those sidewinders anyway.

I love te shape of the board, looks really long! Sorry if I sounded gay!

Do you scrap the battery case if you jump into the middle of the board?

No, I’m not that heavy lol. I’ve seen heavier people ride my board and the case does go down a bit but it doesn’t hit the ground

wow I haven’t seen anyone using kv that high since the early days! :upside_down:

Any chance you could link the sprockets and chain you used? Thanks.

I don’t have links, but look for a 25A30 sprocket. The 25B’s have a hub. This one is flat. You have to do your own drilling. For the drive sprocket, I just got a 10 tooth that fits a 6mm shaft.