Custom KOMODO Decks

Hey everybody!

I’ve been getting some interest in the decks I’ve made and wanted to open this up to the community in case anyone else is interested. I am available for commissions on any custom deck work including duplicates of the Komodo eboards I am in progress of building.

So far I have the Komodo longboard and Komodo mountainboard platform, both complete with grip that I am able to duplicate for set prices, and any custom work for a negotiable price based on materials and labor

Komodo Longboard Deck - $150 USD + shipping

Komodo MTB Deck - $USD + shipping NOTE: The deck I use to build the MTB has been discontinued, so until I can find a suitable replacement there is only the Komodo longboard available, sorry :nauseated_face:

I am open to alterations in color, amount of visible stained wood, grip tape design or custom lettering (shown on MTB) while still retaining set price (as long as requested changes require no additional material)

Deck info:

Longboard is 7ply Hardwood Maple 40in x 10.3in little to no flex with 175lb rider, mild flex with 200lb

MTB is layered with [Bamboo/Fiberglass/Maple/Fiberglass/Bamboo] and measures 35.5in x 8.5in(widest) or 6.6in(narrowest) and has moderate to lots of flex depending on foot placement on the deck. Example, lots of flex at center of deck, low/moderate flex at usual binding placement closer to the tip angles. Tips are 20deg angles. Comes predrilled for bindings.

NOTE: The deck I use to build the MTB has been discontinued, so until I can find a suitable replacement there is only the Komodo longboard available, sorry :face_vomiting:

11 Likes″-bamboo-deck-for-diy-offroad-all-terrian-electric-skateboard-p-578.html How about taking that :wink:


Actually just bought this board couple days ago. Still waiting on shipment, only ordered like 6 days ago

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Nice that would look pretty close to the one I’ve got. Way cheaper too, especially with bulk pricing. Let me know how the quality is when you get it @MannyM0E :+1:

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I’ve also order there trucks that has spring in them. Rode a Kaly board the other day and goal is to build one like it

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Nice I’m pretty sure those are the same trucks I have. They are from Maytech if I’m not mistaken and they are pretty robust. Build quality isn’t perfect but they work well so far

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Love the deck! How much?

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The deck I used to make that exact board was unfortunately discontinued recently and I only know of one store that still has one or two left and they are asking $200 each for just the stock deck, so after I put work into it it’ll be ~$300, and that’s if I can get my hands on one before they vanish However @TarzanHBK found a similar deck that I could make look almost identical to the Komodo MTB and it’s only $78 stock, so I could do $175+shipping for one of those :+1:

Any pics of that one, and what do you do to the deck?

Is it this one, from the link above?

No pics of diy’s board yet since I just became aware of it, but it will look very similar. And yes that’s the one I’d be using at the 175 price point. I want to get my hands on one to test its durability before I start sending them out tho. I resurface the deck for painting, fill any cracks or holes, stain and seal the wood (usually, i couldn’t get the stain to work on the MTB since the bamboo was actually laminated so I went with all black), design create and place the stenciling, cut out the lettering and resurface for painting, paint (multiple coats with sanding for durability), then clear coat the deck and apply grip

What is the diameter of the axles on your spring trucks? 12mm, 10 mm or 8mm?

~10mm. Mine required light filing to fit bearings on so it’s not a perfect 10mm

Awesome thanks

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@257 was there ever any consensus on that bamboo mtb deck?

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No I never ended up buying one to test out… if I remember correctly the shipping was ridiculous from diyeboard so I looked into pressing my own version of it.

I have a deck press built now that can duplicate the pro 90 I just haven’t done much with it yet. If there’s interest I could look into making a few for cheap as a test run

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You got some interest right here!

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You got any pics of your press? I’m about to start pressing some decks over here too and I am very interested in making a MTB next.


Please consider me interested. Though I understand if it’s not worth the hassle if I’m the only one. I’d take two though, been waiting in vain for MBS to restock.


I posted this in the pics thread awhile back, I can go into more detail about it if you’d like