Custom longboard deck makers?

Lengths I’m not sure about but you can always hit them up. They also do custom grip tape and will color the deck. This is what I ended up doing

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Custom longboards made in Belmar - that’s awesome! I lived in Point Pleasant Beach for a little while.

Could you make something like what I am looking for?

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I am seeking a maker for (3) examples of a deck I designed years ago (wide cruiser, mellow concave, kicktail) if anyone may have a referral (Silicon Valley). Thanks!

I have the decks made for me. The board I have has a size of 10 wide x 40.5 with a wheel base of 31.5. It will be hard to find one with the size you’re looking for.

What I have in mind is the “carrying” part. You see, the motorcycle always stays on the ground whereas the longboard will sometimes go in your hands and you won’t enjoy carrying it. I got 10s2p and 10s3p boards which get annoying to carry after 5 minutes or so. So unless you are wanting to simply cruise around for 6+ hours and not use it for any means of transportation, I feel like it’s not such a great idea because only your battery will weight around 3.5kg.

Anyways, don’t want to stop your dreams. Good luck!

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Yeah carry it is going to suck lol. This is for joyrides and exploration

Yeah it is proving difficult…Do you have a photo of your board you’re describing?

@lennylogs here is a stock photo from where I get them from this is the of the one I have it is top mounted though. PM me if you have any questions.

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long and wide as you’re looking for with a cut out. carbon and wood

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That looks sick. Almost exactly what I’m looking for. I wonder if I could squeeze 72 cells under there.

Can you tell me how long it is between these two arrows:

Sweet. What battery configuration do you fit under there?

It’s about 25 or 26 inches

How wide are you looking for

So close! But not quite long enough unfortunately

will be 12s 4p

Aw well we tried maybe next time. I mainly do cruising boards with glass grip. Why size are you looking for.

maybe just bring a power supply you can plug in at a coffee shop. I wonder what the smallest you could find that could do 5 amps

I basically want that exact board, except with 33” of space between those arrows

Is your battery that long?

Maybe try Honey Badger Decks?

Not too sure if they will do custom decks, too many site calling custom is really nothing more than just colours and grip tape art…