Custom made CNC motor mounts available for sale

@marcmt88 I have 2 of that racestar motor and need some proper truck and mount I am using 80mm Kegel wheel HTD 5 belt 255 where could I get some truck to fit your mount for dual motor and the price plz need them ASAP I have some but screws keep falling out and I can’t balance them plz

Where can I get this type of truck with mount


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Hey what deck and enclosure is that? Looks super clean

They are: @Hummie Wood/Carbon Fiber Deck @psychotiller “Arc” Enclosure

Thread can be found here:


So Mr @marcmt88 has been busy working on a custom adapter & motor mount setup for my Hamboard HST trucks. Really cool guy to work with. As a noob eskater - I appreciated his patience with me as I asked lots of questions and he was just super helpful with recommendations and advice.

I honestly can’t believe how quickly he turned it around. When I started searching for a motor mount for these trucks, I was dismayed thinking that the dream was going to be just too difficult - would need to buy a CNC…figure out how to use it… spend tons of money on trial and error - but Marcmt88 delivered!! Custom Pulley Covers and he also added two stabilizer rods between the mounts (one pictured)


Just imagine we were discussing all sorts of minor details for my mount’s design for over 4 months with him!!


It was fun collaborating with @plasteroid, @pixelsilva, @b264, and many others on this forum for their mount’s designs. Designs that I would never thought of without the inputs from you guys, kudos to all :hugs:


i need 2 motor mounts plus clamps for paris trucks… ship to holland… someone sell??

Please see PM

Were any mounts here ever Designed for Trampa Street carver ?

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I’d like to order a Caliber mount, but since I’m a new member I can’t send PMs yet, @marcmt88 could you start a convo with me so I can send you my details?

Hey Arjen, What is the wheel size of your setup? Additional details can be found at Marc

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Hey @marcmt88 do you still have paris trucks adapters for your motor mount? A friend of mine told me you maybe still have some ~ Stuck with a motor plate cracked

Hey Andrei, I no longer make adapters for Paris trucks, not much demand for them…sorry. Marc

yoo dude would you ship one to netherlands? 50mm 85-88mm wheel size, this is the mount ive been lookin for for a long time hope its not to expensive

I would love to order one from you. I am also possibly interested in adding cuts for bearings as belt tensioners if that is possible. What is the best way to get in contact for ordering? Thank you

Hi James, Please check out my website for additional details on motor mounts.


Great looking site and your products not only seem to be top notch, but they’re pretty bad-ass-looking as well!


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