Custom made CNC motor mounts available for sale

Thank you for the feedback! Subsequent production will always be improved from the last. Any suggestion to improve the design are always welcome!

Thank you very much for checking, do you ship internationally?

Yes, you pay the actual shipping cost. Where do you live? Shipping is from California.

I live in Denmark, i’m gonna check shipping cost and see, i think it might be pretty expensive

I will also check on my side for shipping cost. Which part of Denmark do you live?

I just checked, and it’s like 50 $ so no nice mount for me :/, not this one at least.

Something not right with your quote. Reading thru this forum shipping cost to Europe is around $13. I will confirm later in the day.

If you can confirm that i’ll probably buy one =D, hope it’s true.

I agree despite the motor mount adjuster… all you need to do is bang out a small thread hole for a tensioner… add’s literally no work (almost).

EDIT: Sign me up for (2) please. Are you selling them yet? PM me for the financials.

Yes, it would be easy to add an additional thread hole for a tensioner to my current cnc file. I might just incorporated this additional feature on my next production run. Thanks for the feedback!

Cool – anyways I hope you saw my EDIT… do sign me up for (2) and PM me. When can you deliver?

I can ship them out today. Let me know if they are for caliber II truck or TorqueBoards 218mm truck. When you are ready to purchase, paypal acct: [email protected], please use “Friend and family” to send money to avoid fees. Thanks!

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I want to make it work with my Trampa trucks… let me get back to you. I know you don’t have the right adapter… I will see what is closest and mill the rest of it myself.

Ok, shipping to Denmark is $14. No tracking is provided. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks!

54 $, i’ll take one. I PM’ed you

I’ll take 2 please for a 5065 motor. Shipping to UK. Awesome stuff mate. Great to see a really well designed mount.

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PM me your address. Thanks!

idlers are always necessary.


I’m with you bro, unless you are only targeting low power drive trains… not only is there a performance increase but drive train components last longer…

Synchronous belts are found in majority of electric skateboards. They are easy to maintain, used to take up belt slack, provide positive grip that eliminates the need for high tension and elongate very little over time. Proper tensioning is critical to system under load: too loose of tensioning will cause the timing belt to “jump teeth”, while too tight of tensioning will possibly cause damage to the bearings and other motor components not to mention shortening its life. When a belt is installed with a snug but not overly tight fit, longer belt life, less bearing wear and more quiet operation will result. While idlers cause additional belt bending, resulting in fatigue, this effect is generally not significant as long as proper design procedures are followed. To properly tension a synchronous belt, place belt on pulleys and adjust take-up and lateral motor adjustment until the belt teeth mesh securely with the pulley grooves then tighten the four screws.