Custom made CNC motor mounts available for sale

Top is 63xx ant the bottom is 50xx motor mount.


Does the Racerstar 5065 have the same mount dimensions as orher 50xx motors?

Dimension was based on Racerstar 5065 motor mfg. spec. Racerstar 5065 BRH5065 200KV 6-12S Brushless Motor Red Without Gear For…

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If you have the hanger spec for the Trampa trucks I can change my cnc file to have them fit.

Yeah but its like I need a 60T to 70tooth gear right… isn’t your mount to short for that? It’s made for longboards, I have a mountainboard.

Hey Cobber,


Those 90mm wheels? Im assuming this wont work with 97mm wheels?

As you suggested, here are the dual idlers.


Yes, they 90mm wheels. I can extend the motor mount to fit any wheel size. Just a matter of modify my CNC file.


Can you make them for mbs matrix trucks?

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I would need the dimension of the specified truck in order to modify my clamp to fit.

Just one on the slack side of the belt bro :wink: Looking good

Yes indeed, for demo purpose, either left or right side of the truck.

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i borrowed these images from @Mobutusan


Can’t really tell what the dimensions are. It would be helpful if you could draw out the profile and label the dimensions.

If interested I can modify my cnc file to fit 97mm wheels.

That should be better?

If you could me your template I’ll design it to fit.

@marcmt88 great design! Please note that only L3 members are allowed to create group buys through the forum.

If you’d like to sell your mounts through the forum, you’ll need to link members to an external site with buyer protection (ebay or paypal…not FnF). We enforce this to protect members from new sellers that may not be able to deliver on promised goods (it happens, sadly).

Please do continue to share your progress, the world needs great resk8 mounts!