Custom made decks from £20


Hiya all. Selling these vanguard style decks for £25 a piece. Please PM for the types of materials etc. Custom decks shapes start at £20. Shipping is £10 (all of europe). Pm if you want your own shape made as i can do that

Cheers! :slight_smile:


you should post pictures/videos of the flex, concave and camber.

these are the only photos i currently have @Maxid


What kind of wood do you use?

Canadian ply @ikjahaa

you should try the shape whitepony did on his newest build (basically a vanguard but cut the weird looking noses off).

Looks so nice!

Hm, wasnt too keen on the actual shape :hushed: i would build it for someone if they wanted one though :slight_smile: @Maxid

how much would that cost to get it custom made?

How do you press your decks? Vacuum bag, bolt press or hydraulic?

It would be £35 including shipping to Germany @Maxid

Bolt press @lox897

Mind sharing some pics when you have time? Interested in how you did the camber.

Sure, only got it at my dads workshop. Going there in a few days @lox897

looks like the issue is solved. looking forward to get my new deck

Please check PM

Very interesting, the curve in the middle of the board looks a bit harsh, any way of mellowing that out a bit to mimic the vanguard slightly more? Also how flexible is it, would it need a split enclosure?

What is the maximum length and width?

MEvening Charlie, I was wondering if you are still making these and if you have any longboard or penny board shapes lying around? If not would you be keen to create some blank ones for me? Hope all is well. Kind regards, Jake