Custom modified stary board

Hello all! (First post ever!) I was wondering if I could buy an used or new stary board and replace the motors and esc with parts from, do you guys think this would work?

Please give tips and ideas regarding this build or anything similar I would be really happy to read them!

Hey @mccloed still have the stary? Lol

Stary boards don’t have VESCs. I think you mean ESC…

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Nah but I was considering to buy one for the asthetics and then improve it

Oh yes I do!

I actually have like 5 stary’s… i haven’t bothered checking them but the specs are pretty wack and one was DOA. They seem to be having an issue with the BMS. Motors run loud due to their planetary gear setup (I believe) and they use lipos which has about a 4 mile distance. I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 of remaining 4 stary boards are DOA.

I know there’s barely any space inside the deck to even mount anything so if you plan on upgrading/changing anything it won’t look like it’s original state. You would also have to rip the griptape off to access the internals.

You wouldn’t be able to replace parts with stuff at our website www. since Stary uses a different setup maybe only the VESC, batteries but you’d need an entirely new deck for that. IMO your better off starting from scratch or getting a boosted board.


there was a stary clone. that used the same deck but regular hubs. I would start with that.

but really modding completes is expensive and you won’t even match the specs of a full custom… and keep it as clean as the complete is not simple either…

OK thanks for the feedback! why so many starys tho :joy: ?

What clone? CAn you link me one?

@Fin lol bought it a while back some friends wanted it at the time but 1-2 years later. No need for it now :slight_smile:

You interested in selling one? (And I mean I can be you friend if you, you know…wana give one to me? :joy: :joy: :joy: )

I found a board like this from an swedish store, which would be perefect as I live in finland so it would come from my neibhouring country.

They offer a 2 year waranty and as I live so close it wouldnt be a problem, do you think I should take the plunge and try it? @torqueboards

Hi guys, first time using this website. So I bought a stary board off kickstarter. And the board charged up instantly but the remote won’t turn on at all… I can’t seem to get incontact with staryboards at all, for a replacement remote or refund or anything! Soo I’m looking at options. Has anyone opened the remote, is it possible to replace the battery? Or does anyone know where I could buy a new remote/could a remote from another stary board work with my board?

Hey, so basically my stary board remote is note charging at all. Are you willing to sell any of your stary board remotes ?

I’m having the same issue. Were you able to fix this ?

Anybody interested in a Stary with broken hub motor in Germany? In this case it’s one of the gears that broke. I took it out, laser welded it, but broke again after a few rides. Not sure about the batteries as the board is sitting there now for over a year. The remote still connects though.

Hi! What version og remote do you have?

Hi there, I need a Stary remote. Do you have one? I’ll buy the board as well if needed. If so, please PM. Thanks!

@Mienam all are sold long time ago. But I don’t think any of them lastest that long. They seemed to all have some sorta problems.

My stary is still doin’ fine! Even after almost a year, athough it was a pain in the arse to get an extra remote, but! I found one with version 0.6 firmware, unfortunately not 0.3. Even made an extra XT60 port to upgrade the range a bit. Soon I’ll put on some new griptape.

Greetz from NL