Custom VESC Controller - Prototype

I wanted to create a custom controller to use with my ongoing electric skateboard build. I love the BadWolf GT2B Case mod (, but I want to get telemetry back from the VESC that I’ll use. I want to be able to check speed, battery levels, current etc. I also want to store all data on a SD card and get some performance data after each ride.

So this is my first rudimentary prototype, I’m terrible with 3d design, I’ll ask a friend to work on the second revision, The final goal is to have the same “feel” of the BadWolf mod, but with a OLED display (I’m FAR from that now).

I have a not so good experience with nRF24L01+ radios, they are great, but can be very unpredictable, so choose to use xbee radios on my controller, they are expensive but ultra-reliable.

I’m using a Teensy-lc as brain and a small lipo charger with a 500 mah internal lipo battery. Wiring everything inside was a pain… but fine in the end.

I’m still working on the code, few features that I want to put on are the ability to change acceleration speed using the LCD, changing few VESC parameters and cruise control.

I’m still deciding if I’m going to add a second microcontroller on the receiver end or put the xbee receiver on the VESC directly, Benjamin is in a whole new level of coding, so I’m still trying to understanding the UART protocol.

Second revision I’ll build my own PCB, with an ATMEL microcontroller and arduino bootloader, to avoid the wiring mess and making easy if someone else wants to build it.


Interesting project, looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

holy crap. I need this.

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Interesting. Are you getting any data back from the VESC yet ?

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@vitormhenrique wow this is impressive! Looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

I got telemetry working yesterday, but I’m still trying to figure it out how to control the motors using the UART, for now i’m using a second microcontroller as receiver and a PPM signal to VESC.

Another problem that I found is that the joystick that I’m using is too sensitive, I’ll test different ones to have a better control of the skate.

Would you be willing to share your code ? I know a number of people are working in the same direction, myself included.

Sorry about the delay,

I used this code as starting point, but change the datatype back to the original and I’m implementing the other methods.

I’m currently moving to a new home so I’ll not me able to work on this project for a few days, as soon as I have more time I’ll share the code, schematics and 3d model.

Just having the battery voltage would be good enough for me. And maybe a max speed. So much stuff you’re adding on there…you’re going to get pulled over for texting and driving.

hey, do you mind writing up a tutorial on how to send data from the vesc to an OLED screen? I wouldn’t know how to get started on something like this.

Hey :point_right: Endless-Sphere Rollinggecko :point_left: cheers

Hoe so the remote coming along?

Version two is out of the oven!