Custom vesc designs

Hey guys I know there are soom guys out there with mad skills, if you have done any vesc design mods post them here!

I’ll start!

Vesc rated to 8s 40a (could push to 10s) Has a centre hole of 17mm and outside diameter of 64mm.


Please tell me these are retro fittable into the current hub motors! Fucking game changer!


You guessed it mate!


Even more reason to buy your hub motors.


Low guido - noob question - whats the advantage of having vesc inside hub motor ? Isn’t it likely that heat from vesc and hub motor is going to cumulate inside ?

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Is this the finished design already? Or still a work in progress?

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a couple of things to fix but basically ill start a few test boards very soon

I really like the idea.

What about onboard hall-sensors?^^

yes this is very possible, but for my 83mm hub motors this would be an external vesc hidden inside of a protection cover, so optical sensors for encoder would work better.

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Whatever you come up with, i think i´ll buy it. Awsome stuff is coming.

might want to consider using a vertical USB since you are confined in a tubular shape.

Wow @jacobbloy this is impressive! Where do you envision mounting the capacitors in this configuration?

Can you add these to a current order for the dual 83mm? Have you gone with max 8s because this is good for the hub motors? (I think I asked this before but got no response…)

Also curious about the max 8s

It’s about size, 8s still give you 30km/h. But the mosfets that I’m using are very low resistance so heat will be low and they are also a lot thinner and smaller.

The mosfets are rated to 40v so if you charged your 10s space cell to 95% 39.9v you would be fine. I could still use a 50v MOSFET but the jump in resistance is a lot.

All other componants are rated to 50v compared to the original vesc’s 63v

These look awesome! Would the current 83mm hub wheels work with these or would more tricky modification to the wheels be necessary? And I’m guessing they would need a canbus running across the truck hanger?

@luke Jacob has said that they will work with the existing 83mm hub motors he is selling.

@jacobbloy Is this project still going? I would die for a quad set of these right now haha.

still coming along just needing money for sample pcbs

How many layers?