Customizable AT/GT Build Recommendation

Hi everyone!

I’ve gone through the basic articles here but would like to get the community’s suggestion for a future build that I have in mind. I originally planned to have one custom made by Kaly or Unik but shipping to my country for a complete board will be a challenge in and of itself and I value the knowledge of being able to take apart and put it back together myself as well.

I want to make a build that can be used reconfigured for AT and GT setups. I wanted to build it as an AT Eboard first but I’m really looking for customization because I want to go big on this build as I would prefer to just have one that I can modify however I like later on, I’d prefer to have just a single build for the foreseeable future. I plan on slowly getting the parts together but I have no experience in electronics, welding, soldering or any of that stuff but I know that people have done it before with great success.

These are the parts I have found to be sort of what I want. I don’t mind it being bulky as long as its easy enough to take in an elevator or in public transpo without too much trouble. Roads are rough in my area hence my decision to go with an AT solution. Preferably water resistant enough to use if I get caught outside in sudden rain.

Motor: polaris sensored 6374 150KV Deck: Trampa (Not sure which but Holy Pro appears to be a good go-to) Wheels:7 inch AT Mounts: No specific preference but I figure top mounted(the kind that stick out at the rear) for more clearance Batteries:Not sure but I know LiPo 18650’s with enough to carry me over at least 30km or more VESC: FocBox(not sure which version) appears to be the safest best based off the other posts.

So far this is what I have looked at and liked though getting them to work together is a different story for me. Appreciate all the input, I’ll edit this based on the suggestions that I think will work well with what I’m looking for. Thanks