Customized POM HTD5M pulleys for ABEC, Kegel, Evolve GT, MBS 100, ABEC clones,

HTD5M drive pulleys for ABEC11 Flywheels, Kegel, MBS 100, Evolve GT Wheels, and ABEC style clones.

Pulleys are machined individually from SOLID acetal rounds, these are NOT 3d printed. These drive pulleys are fully customizable to any # of teeth and width according to your needs. Very easy to install and align perfectly every time. 2.5” bolts are threaded directly into the full thickness of the pulley.

  • Set includes 1 HTD5M drive pulley and 1 retainer washer (2.5” stainless retainer bolts sold separately).
  • Note: retainer washer is solid ABS.

Facts about acetal resins:

Acetal resins, aka POM (polyoxymethylene) or acetal Delrin are engineering thermoplastics based on formaldehyde polymerization technology. These highly crystalline resins are strong, rigid and have a low coefficient of friction against metals, acetals and other plastics. They are creep resistant so they are good for parts where dimensional stability is important.

Acetal resins have high tensile strength, stiffness, resilience, fatigue endurance and toughness. Acetals have high resistance to organic solvents, excellent dimensional stability, a low coefficient of friction and outstanding abrasion resistance among thermoplastics. Acetals’ resistance to creep is excellent. Moisture, lubricants and solvents including gasoline and gasohol have little effect on this property, which is important in parts incorporating self-threading screws or interference fits.

Applications • Bushings and bearings • Rollers and gears • Valves and manifolds • Scraper blades • Wear strips and pads • Jigs and fixtures

9, 12 and 15mm width prices:

  • 30-42 teeth…….$20/set (pulley and retainer washer)
  • 44-58 teeth…….$30/set
  • 60-70 teeth…….$40/set
  • 72-78 teeth…….$50/set
  • 2.5” 10-24 stainless hex bolts……$4/set (5 or 6 bolts depending on wheels)
  • Available in natural (white) acetal for additional $2
  • Shipping within the US……$4.00
  • International shipping…… $14.00

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I’ve been looking for kegel pulleys.

I could use a few of these

PM me if interested.

How about a pulley for SixShooter hubs, would that be possible?

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Do these come in 18mm width? (18mm belt, 19mm actual width)

Also are the 15mm ones actually 16mm wide?

Do you have the ones that take skate bearings and ride the axle? (with no bolts, just inserts)

Basically just like the 38T kegel pulley that Evole sells, except in 18mm width instead of 15mm

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Hey, pulleys to fit 6-shooter hubs would not be a problem. You would have to provide me with the bolting pattern.

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Hey Brian, Pulleys can be customized to any width you want. At the moment I only have pulleys that are held by retainer washers.

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These look fun

Can grab hole pattern from this

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What is the typical number of teeth using this hub? Maybe I’ll machine one to post on this thread.

60t is the most common

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These look really interesting. Do you think there may be call for a shaped spacer part that fits between the back of the pulley and the hard part of the core wheel so you can’t over tighten and deform the wheel?

They look great but isn’t there a lip missing that somehow rests on the actual wheel hub (see below)? It looks like as if the pulley would just be pressed against the thane? image


Well done Marc :blush:

I will need a couple for my new Abec 11 107mm in black plus 2x bolts set. Also, I broke the bolt that goes on the truck clamp of your mounts (the big one that presses the hanger to the truck, it got somehow stucked), could you please also include a couple of these?

Have you tested motor pulleys with that material?

And last… do you have spare 330mm belts? I don’t find them on the Internet for EU, will have to step to local stores and waste some time otherwise.

I forgot if its possible to get 2x retainers for flywheels 90mm 36T (just retainers). I got ALU pulleys from @JLabs but I pressed too much the bolts in one and it broke some “legs” (yours don’t have “legs”, sorry don’t know the name).

So, wrapping all together:

  • 2x set of pulley + retainer for Abec 11 107mm, size suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:
  • 2x set of bolts for pulleys
  • 2x bolts for mount hanger-press-or-whatever-it-is-called (the big ones)
  • 2x retainers for Flywheel 90mm 36T


This. From my previous experience sitting it on the thane is sailing from problems, the best would be making this part follow the curvature of the hub to get a solid interface

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The retainer washer is machined to sit on the core, not the soft urethane wheel. The pulleys have extended flange (depending on wheel) so that it buds against the thane.

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But then you are relying on the small contact point with the thane and Pulley… there is no other part on the pulley to “disperse” the force. I have some other comments, but I will leave them out.

How many miles have you put on one of these pulleys to test the longevity?

If you tighten against the thane then you can deform the wheel. For the more heavy handed installers it may avoid problems if it had a part that would brace against the core?

There are countless information regarding acetal on the net, more than what I can ever post on this forum. My pulleys are fairly new. My buddies and I have been using them for couple months, so far no sign of wear or break down are observed.