Cutting holes in deck

I have the MBS longboard deck, my enclosure is on the bottom right now and it scrapes over bumps and hard turning even with 3/4 risers. It’s a 10ply maple laminate deck that’s about 10" wide, is it possible to cut a slit inside of the deck to fit my batteries? Probably 3 inches wide down the entire middle section of the deck. I haven’t seen any builds like that and was wondering if the deck would hold up. There’s almost no flex in it right now when I stand on it, but I feel like cutting could make it flexier and provide extra room.

yes, cutting your deck like this will weaken it. At 10 plys, you will likely destroy your deck.

Raptor 2, hummies boards, I have made hollow core decks and chaka does also, both are similar to what your talking about. Look harder, using the search function on this forum. Go through other peoples builds for ideas, and you’ll see several people have done this before. But they make their own decks, cause a standard 10 ply deck needs all of it’s layers for strength. Otherwise, they would have just made the same board with less layers in the first place (saves them money)…

Cnc mill. 14mm deep on 20mm thick carbon deck

I searched the forums for “cut deck” and not much came up, “hollow core” is the term I should’ve been looking for. After some research I saw a lot of longboards are sold as 8 or 9 ply too, and seeing as my board doesnt flex much I figured it wouldn’t hurt, but wanted to ask before I ruined the deck

You can make such a board, but you need more layers. All of the boards I’ve seen that do this use many more layers than the traditional longboard, usually thicker layers also. Make a 14 layer deck, and you can safely cut 4-5 layers away. Simple. But a 10 layer board shouldn’t go down to anything less then a 8 layer board, and 2 layers is no going to do much and is not worth the trouble.

I wasn’t thinking of cutting the entire bottom thin, just the very middle. On a 10 inch wide board, going completely through the deck 3 inches wide still leaves 7 inches wide of solid 10 ply, give or take

I likely have a very similar deck. I carved off 3 plys at the exact size of my battery down the middle of the deck. It has a bit more flex now but its still rock solid.


It leaves about 3+ inches on each side.

It will be like riding 2 separate decks. Riding two sloppy, saggy, twisty, and ultimately self destructing skateboard decks.

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