Cwazy's DIY Build- 12s4p - dual 6355 - EVO-ish deck - 6shooters - MBS - FOXBOX

Its about time I post a build thread, so here we go. I’m mostly going to post pics because, well, they’re fun and who doesn’t enjoy picture books.

A little back story about me, I started getting into board sports around 4 years back when I started wakesurfing. Its still my favorite activity during summer. I tend to be out on the water 2-3 times a week May through October. The rest of the time I spend on land, where the falls hurt a lot more.

My interest in e skate began when I visited a local store called Beta. They stock new gadgets and primarily kickstarter campaign products. Its a cool store. They had a few boards there and I got my first demo.

My first board was an acton blink lite. It actually still runs after about 2 years of use! knock on wood. I’ve since transplanted it onto a different deck. My girlfriend who uses it now didn’t like the short deck as a beginner rider and wanted a more stable platform.

Having owned the blink for about a summer and riding it quite a lot, I realized that it was really just too slow. My coworkers all had evolves or onewheels and even those were kicking my ass w hen going to lunch somewhere a few miles away.

So I decided to get a liftboard dual.

I can’t complain too much. Other than the advertised range was surely not 17 miles. It was more like 7 miles riding full throttle before voltage sag took over and wouldn’t let you ride much more. So I returned that one back to walmart.

Then began my DIY journey. I decided on first putting together a single 6355 setup as a POC. And then to go with a dual if I felt like I needed more power, or torque or etc.

I bought most of my parts from TB.

The starting set of parts included: 1x TB VESC 1x TB 6355 motor TB motor mount TB 13t motor pulley TB 36t abec pulley TB 12s4p panasonic 2950mah/10A cell pack with enclosure. MBS prebuilt with 100mm wheels TB nano controller and hardware

What resulted was this:

And then I decided to go dual motor 6355 with dual TB VESC over canbus. What resulted was a blown DRV.

I decided to scrap the VESCs and go FOCBOXs. Ordered two from enertion and waited for those to get here.

I also built a split ppm cable to avoid any CAN weirdness.

After that all arrived, I put together the dual setup. I did have an issue with the enclosure cracking, so I ended up making this sort of force distribution ABS plastic piece.

Then I caught the s2 binding bug. It was awesome riding in the city and being able to crank hard on the binding to turn super tight corners on sidewalks. I also partially shaved the MBS.

Then I decided to add a bit more personality. And also take off the rear s2 binding. That one just made me feel like I would eat shit.

I thought this would end at this point and I’d be happy but no. I caught the evo deck bug, thanks @mmaner.

So I got a new used deck from my buddy Nate, who runs motion boardshop! Omen Chief deck. Spent some time restoring it and changing the shape of the deck.

I also ordered some 6shooters from @psychotiller. Waiting for those to arrive now!

And here is the test fit. I also swapped over the blink lite onto my old deck.

And more updates will come as more parts get in!


Cool journey, I enjoyed reading that. How does steering on a powered board compare to wake boarding g or surfing?

Thanks Mike!

There are similarities, such as managing heel and toe pressure. At the same time, managing front and rear foot pressure is completely different. In surfing, front foot pressure is acceleration and rear foot pressure is the brakes.

But aside from that the biggest difference, and what I notice the most between the two rides is the feedback from whats underneath the board. Concrete is definite. Water in a wave can be soft, or hard and always pushes back with varying degrees of pressure. I would imagine that if you put a skateboard on 6" shocks, it would be a lot similar.

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Flex board man…

If you want surf that is… The more of noodle it is, the closer its gonna feel to wave feedback. (Ie I rock a Loaded Vanguard Flex 4, but all my boards are vertically laminated bamboo…bamboo is just so…mmm)

Enjoyed the read… Good luck with the evo.

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Wow! Thats a good problem to have. still have yet to find anyone who ride any type of lightweight eboard type thing. (aside from other people on here lol)

also that blink transplant looks surprisingly good! :wink:


Its always really difficult to have two sports mimic each other, even surf skate’s attempt is still far away from actually surfing. same with indo boards/imboards and etc… My thought when I decided to build an e skate was why bother lol. I just want to cruise and be able to carve around edge to edge.

I’m surprised there are not more people in LA with boards? there must be local groups on facebook and etc? Actually since that picture was taken, an evolve bamboo gtx was added to the group at my office. We’re actually only about 20 people at my office, so the ratio of e skate riders to non e skate riders is quite high!

Here is the original Omen Chief deck shape next to the LY EVO. As you can see, there would have been wheel bite on the corners of the deck without me cutting it down to the EVO deck shape.

upload photoes


there are boosted/onewheel/evolve fb groups. but the city is just so big! chances of seeing other riders are low! I’d guess its a smallish tech company? something between the nerd appeal and tech$$$ makes the lightweight electric thing bigger in that area.

random note: evolve riders always seem in a bad mood. (pissed they overpaid I guess?)

I hear ya man…

Ive been surfing since I was 12. Ride a 6’0 fish and a 5’9 squash. Used to live 15 minutes from the beach up until I was 24.

Living inland makes surfing a day trip instead of an after work session. Ive got my board setup so the only difference to me is how hard the ground is and I can’t run my fingers through the wave.

Yea there’s other stuff, but its a damn close enough replacement :slight_smile:

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Looks good dude! We should go for a ride on the next sunny afternoon!

Where the heck do you work? Being able to grab lunch with coworkers all on e-sk8s is awesome! Most of my coworkers can’t even ride a normal skateboard :joy:

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nice journey…how is the battery pack? whats the top speed/range you can take out of the panasonic 10A batts?. I am just wondering, as i am building one in two weeks with same battery type.

You gotta find someone with a tow boat and go wakesurfing! or if you’ve got any flowrider spots near you. Thats fun too.

Heres my custom stick… 4’6". Took this picture immediately after sticking on some viskus grip up top and slater’s algea pad.

Ha, I work for Samsung. We’re a small software infrastructure research team here. And don’t ask me about samsung liion cells :stuck_out_tongue:

Newest addition to the office e skate group

In the 4p configuration with 10a constant cells, my battery max is 40a, I have each VESC set to pull 15a. I’m not even using the full potential of the battery. That being said, even in this configuration, I think its plenty. My motor max is set to 50a on each. I don’t really have the pavement nor the space to blast off when riding in the city. I’m also only 160 pounds. It can without a doubt still put me on my ass if I’m not paying attention.

Are you getting the new 12s4p pack from TB? or are you building your own using the panny pf cells? The new TB 12s4p pack uses 30q cells. With the panasonic 2950mah in 12s4p, I can get easily 25-30 miles while riding at 15-20mph constantly. If I drop that to 10-15mph within inner city, I can ready 30-35miles. If I ride at 5-10mph with my girlfriend on an acton blink board, I’ll get 40miles LOL.


i am building my own pack, i was worried with 10A discharge rate…but my build is will be different than yours…mono drive TB 6374 (80A) with 10s4p. Lets see how it goes!!!

I think you’ll be fine with that setup unless you’re trying to slow creep up some hills. But thats a function of single drive vs dual.

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and now I think I’ll be done for a while. Check out that ride height!


@mmaner I can’t imagine having MORE rolling resistance than what I’m feeling with these rubber tires.

It’ll use a bit more WH per mile, but surprisingly it’s only around d 10%. The ride quality is def worth that. You should try the 6in airless thane, best of both worlds.

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I’m very curious to see how my range is affected by the nummies. Originally I could get close to 30miles on my 518WH battery. If I can get 20miles with the 6shooters, I’d be very happy.

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So I went on a longish ride today, started at 99% and rode 3 miles, half of which was flat, the other half was up hill. Battery read 85% at the end of the ride. Was running 40psi in the nummies.

That equates to ~15-20miles capacity on my 518WH battery… seems a bit low? @mmaner is this what you were seeing for the most part? Any tricks to get more range out of it? my belts are tight, but not overly tight.