Cwazy's DIY Build- 12s4p - dual 6355 - EVO-ish deck - 6shooters - MBS - FOXBOX

I’m really not sure, I’ll know more this weekend and I’ll let you know.

yeah definitely let me know. I have a feeling that the 40 degree weather outside also does not help with range right now.


A picture of our ‘group ride’ at work on our way to a lunch meeting!

Comparison of ride height of a Evolve GTX on 107s. Really quite impressive considering everything the gtx has including the drop through mount, thin deck, etc.

And a new thumb throttle I designed to increase the throw range of the nano remote. Will post a thingiverse link once the design is finalized. Its awesome. I’ll tell ya that and its a direct swap. No glue, just the same friction fit as the OEM thumb throttle part.


Build looks sick! Can’t wait to try out that improved thumb throttle!

Here it is! Fits even better and is quite refined now!


And one more for my 6shooters. This is to replace running one versa pulley side opposite to space the pulley away from the wheel.


That’s cool, I just use washers and/or nuts but I’ll try this.


yeah, it just distributes the force evenly and prevents any warping in the teeth


I spent some time truing the hubs and also making sure everything was in alignment and not generating much friction today before going for a 4mile ride.

temp: ~45 distance: 4miles terrain: 80% pavement 20% grass and dirt. mostly flat with a few low grade hills <7% pressure in wheels: 50psi

Start battery percent 100% End battery percent: 87% Average speed: 15mph


Ordered some of these wheel balance beads…

Lets see how they perform. For 6$, these should go a long way.

that’s a real creative name you’ve got there :joy:

hahah I know. I try really hard sometimes.

Well, I realized that with the big ole 6" wheels, the board cannot rest against a wall without potentially rolling down it.

So here is my fix for that


Will fit boards with a tail shape under 95mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 10mm(H)

It rained most of the weekend here, plus trying to sell.some property so I was covered up all weekend. I’m off Thursday and Friday, so I’m hoping I can get some data then.

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Just let me know when you get some data points! no rush, its awful weather here as well.

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well… the beads did jack shit and made the vibrations worse… I tried 2 grams and then 4.5 grams. Neither worked.

Been ripping around on the non rainy days, meaning wet leaves and puddles on trails. Needed a solution for fenders. Reached out to a few people including @whitepony to ask how they designed theirs. Couldn’t utilize exactly how others have done it, but I managed to design my own that allows for perfect fit by clamping onto the caliber truck!

tiny image hosting

Perfect pressure fitted ring onto caliber truck, but with a grub screw underneath as well just to really lock it down.

Printed in PLA. Will post a thingi link as soon as I get the rear wheels designed and made. Currently only have finished up the front wheel designs.


Final iteration of the fenders for caliber hangers on 6shooters.


And here is the thingiverse file for now.

I will be making some changes to the file in a few days but for now its usable. Just be aware that if you pop off a curb slowly, you’ll rip off the fender part because the ground clearance at the lowest point is ~2 inches. Gives really great protection to the bottom of the board.

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