Cylindrical LiFePO4 as serious alternative to LiPo & 18650s

Just wanted to share this source for LiFePO4 batteries, as I wish I had seen this earlier:

The first option is a serious alternative to LiPo packs. Competitive in price, super easy to assemble, safe in operation and long-life.

The second option is pretty much identical in every aspect except chemistry to a 5p setup of 18650s (Samsung 30Q). But it will give you a longer lifetime and is easier to assemble (5x less cells, no need for welding).

Happy building!


Only has up to 10c with pulse. 30q can do 20 and 15 continuous

30q can do 20 amps continuous. These are c rated.
@b264 broski. You like these type of cells. What do you think?

I have LiFePO4 cells in the Blue One, if you ask over there I will tell all :sunglasses:


haha. the red hp seem where its at. theyre so big though. I heard the screw connections were a bit delicate there’s some great deals on lithium titanate on amazon and ebay. kinda like the iron in energy density but beat the iron in power and lifecycles and just as safe. supposed to be more expensive typically

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Nice build. Are You still happy with the battery?

Haha, Thanks for the invite! What’s the different focus of the two forums?

using the headway 38120 10ah’s in my mountain board where space isn’t such an issue. power density is a lot less in the lifepo4’s. much safer chemistry however

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Power density (W/cm^3) is higher, Energy density (Wh/cm^3) is lower.


Yes although these headway cells are excellent as long as you make sure you’re getting quality real headways as there was just a big lawsuit which my battery guy was involved with and this company was making fakes that we’re not even producing a third of what type of power they should have been so go directly to the source when getting these batteries or from somewhere that tests them completely. I don’t want to give my battery source away but if anyone wants me to post that article please send me a message.

Did you hear about the fake red high power headways that were all over the US?? My battery connection sent me the article from the news

Why don’t u want to give ur batterU source away?

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Because they happened to be located right down the street from me and they are owned by a friend of mine. Not sure if they want their information out there or not and if someone was to personally contact me and I would give it to them.

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