Da## it! My wife & kids keep stealing my boards

Just got home, was gonna go for a spin before dark…but my wife and son took both of my boards. I think I’m gonna rig up a battery to the front trucks so when someone picks it up they get a surprise (not really, but it would be funny).


cable lock!

or better yet - build a 3rd board!

yupp you just need another board


you cable lock your wife from taking what she wants and you’re not coming home to begin with :joy:


U might have a point

@JuniorPotato93 is right, sage advice. WAY cheaper to build another board WAAAY cheaper lol

For some people, That’s good! It’s an excuse to build another board!

I’ve built 3 in 6 weeks, I broke the ever loving hell out of the first one, but still :grin:

Count your blessings that you gave a wife and child who are into this crazy hobby! That’s gotta be rare. And go build another one! :wrench:

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Build your wife and kid their own boards. You look like father and husband of the year, you get to do a couple more builds, and you get your two boards all to yourself.

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All I can say is count yourself lucky…

And yeah…build another board…it’s a battle you will never win

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I got my son one, that’s what started all this :). Its terrible though, an altered fantom…such garbage. I guess Ill build a couple more so everyone can ride.

man i’d love to get my wife on one of these. She’s very supportive but hasn’t ridden on one yet, and she’s kind of scared of them. Which is healthy. I build scary boards.

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My wife is a bit scared of em as well. She does about 5 mph tops, but its fun to ride with her. My son, on the other hand will be doing 18 mph and complain that its too slow.

I’m going to build my wife a single 190/170kv on a freestyle flushmount 36/38 in deck. I just need to figure out a way to limit the speed and the acceleration curve. I have a great acceleration curve on mine using a mamba monster 2, but the max power setting is not good, makes it stutter.

Finally taught my wife how to ride my board just yesterday. She’s only going like 3-5 mph at the moment with a BB on beginner mode. I can’t wait 'til she’s confident enough to get on the the DIY. I’m just afraid she would end up taking my build and telling me to get on the BB

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I don’t know much about those altered boards, but maybe it would be a good opportunity to modify it with your son to show him the process of improving something, rather than just building new. You can show him how to build from scratch on your new board. Just a thought. Have fun!

That actually sounds like a brilliant idea. i think i have the perfect deck for my wife already, just needs a space cell and a single fat motor and we’re good. With the VESC you can really tune it down if you want and keep it sane, too.

Ive been a little scared of the VESC, but Im gonna try one soon.

Cool thread. Congrats on getting your wife on a board, I know it’s not easy. I’ve made one for my two teenage boys and my wife, I love cruising with the family. My wife actually had her first fall a couple weeks back. Fortunately she was unharmed and got right back on…my son’s board…the board fell off is now the devil in her mind. Long story short, she wants me to build her a board a new board.