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I’m a student Engineering in Ghent, Belgium. To get to school everyday i wanted to try something different. I decided to build an E-board. The idea came long ago and did some testing but never really worked it out. But this week I don’t have class and decided to start the build. First off, the specs:


  • sk3 6354 245kV motor
  • 5000 mAh 6S lipo
  • ezrun PRO 150A


In the local shop they didn’t have any HTD belts/pulleys in stock so i went with XL-type belts and pulleys 9mm width. They didn’t have aluminum ones so i will order some online. The setup is 15T-36T. The wheels are 69mm but plan on getting ABEC clones 90 (?) mm. A friend of mine had a lathe which i could use to widen the pulley hole. I used my drill press as a lathe to get the truck completely round at 15mm.

I’m planning to CNC a custom motor mount at school, but for now i made a quick custom one with aluminum scraps.


  • Enclosure: i’m thinking about custom fibreglass or maybe vaccuum formed one
  • Charing: adding GX16 plugs for easy charging without opening the case
  • Motor mount: custom CNC aluminum mount at school
  • Pulley: ordering new pulley in aluminum. Has anyone got a CAD model for the ABEC wheels? I want to make spacers and drill holes very precisely at school for a custom sprocketmount, like the diyelectricskateboard style
  • Wheels: ABEC wheels
  • I might go for onboard charing, boosted board style

I’ll probably make a complete new set up, this was some prototyping. I want to make a real clean board

Has anyone used the EZRUN without a fan? I plan on integrating it in the enclosure with the heatsink mounted to the outside, it would work i guess?

“Custom Lathe”

Temporary mount, planning on making one with cnc

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Don’t forget that the core is molded, you can’t have your tolerances to tight.

This is not my drawing, but the description states abec 11

Used a temporary case and make the cable look nice and tidy

On the ezrun i have 8 possibilities for motor timing. What is the effect of low-high timing?

Made a new mount. Only using jigsaw and files


thats a pretty fukin good job for hand tools.
top notch!


I also like your multi purpose drill press. it’s a lathe, its a mill, its a drill press, call now…steak knives!

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Really looking to buy a small Mill or lathe :slight_smile:

amazing!! where can i get a tool like that

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Just a regular drill press. Bought a milling bit On eBay for 3$

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New charger on its way. Just one for my backpack for on the go charging.

New motor in the post office, TACON 160, will get it tomorrow. Big thanks to @Hummie! He really helped me out on this!

Bought a new deck and got the orangatan kegels. Right now i started On a fiberglass enclosure.

I’m running 6s right now but want to go up. Would adding 3s be good? Or is running uneven Numbers not recommanded. Am i correct to say with higher voltage i use less amps and get a bigger range at the same mAh than with a lower voltage?

Yeah, your right. You should just go 10S or 12S. 2x5S or 2x6S.

@Mathieu That’s right, and you also get more “punch” in acceleration if you need it, and a higher top speed. I use 8S and I my build eats hills. 10S or 12S are more common though.

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So 9S is not a good idea? Or will it work just as good

We’ll for 9S. You’ll need odd packs together to get 9S and/or (3) 3S packs for 9S.

It’s easier to unplug only 2 packs so it’s better to go in pairs of 2x cells in series. 4S,6S,8S,10S,12S which would be 2x2S, 2x3S, 2x4S, 2x5S, 2x6S.