Dallas Fort Worth esk8?

Last minute decided not to bring my esk8 on Thanksgiving trip given airport hassles for 5 days. Anyone know of a shop or someone interested in renting an esk8 in Fort Worth area for a few days over Thanksgiving. Never seen that before, but thought I would ask sitting at NYC airport lol.

I’m here, @XvDarkVAngelvX, @Jedi and along with few others. I’m sure one of them would be interested.

If you are interested in renting my build, PM me.

awesome! esk8 Travel rentals!

cheaper and easier than checking a board! and you get experience another builder’s setup! bonus!

Make sure you agree on terms in case of part failure, crashing, liability in general. Just going to try and save you a headache.

Just wanted to check in as a Dallas member. Howdy everyone.

Howdy @craj1031tx
I ride near White Rock lake often. Let me know if you want to join.

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Very nice. I live in the village at 75 and lovers, so I’m quite close to white rock. My board is still very firmly in the beta phase as things keep on coming loose, but I’d definitely be down to meet at white rock ale house one day and then cruise around the lake :smile:

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I live close to the village, Greenville and Mockingbird. Let me know if you need any help with your board or need any tools.

Awesome, thanks man, appreciate the help :sunglasses: Once my board is up and running I’ll reach out to the community and see what we can get going on.

Hey yall. I’ll have another board by the end of the month (hopefully)


@anon46525265 @Jedi My board will officially be ready this weekend. I know we have quite a bit of rain in the forecast coming up over the next ten days, but once it clears/warms up I’m definitely down to meet up around white rock if yall two (and any one else!) are interested

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I’m down. Saturday may be good enough weather. I have an extra board if @anon46525265 or anyone needs it.


forecast doesn’t seem too promising

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Ha ya I have been talking to Jedi, we might just aim for another weekend. My board is MIA until Monday as of now anyway due to some parts that came in yesterday not working correctly.

I’ll be out of town next weekend, maybe we can try for the weekend after that.

Sounds great

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Y’all! Up for a group ride tomorrow?

Me and two other friends frequently ride around downtown Dallas and on to Deep Ellum. Happy to do some meet ups. I have a leif and the others ride boosted. Interested in getting a Jed board though.

Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny. I’ll be at campion trail around 2pm-4pm testing out some new stuff.

Started a thread in eSk8 club for this.


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You would have more luck here or on reddit honestly. The Club forum has very few members and 95% are Raptor 2 owners or people getting production updates on the Raptor 2.