Damaged balance leads on LiPo - dangerous?

So I was yanking on the balance leads a bit too hard i guess. Got back from a ride and plugged in the batts, said one has a connection break. Luckily no puffing or anything, pretty sure the leads just broke at some point, either before the ride or right after when I plugged it in. Anyway, I’m wondering if a damaged balance lead is dangerous in an immediate sense? Im planning to toss the batteries, shame since they’re basically brand new. But is there a possibility that the damaged lead exposed the batteries to the air? The board has been sitting several hours now with the batteries in it. I’d just hate to go to sleep on it and have a rude awakening. I’m riding a pre-built trampa with a monster box. 2x 6s lumenier 16000mah wired in series. They stay plugged into the VESCs, but i think I’ll pull them out and put them in the fiberglass bag i have just in case. Is that like, good enough for now until i figure out what to do with them? If the local hobby shop wants them, or anyone here who’s near western massachusetts is crazy enough to come get them id be happy, otherwise most likely to the hazardous waste disposal next week… :sob::sob: the other cells are at about 3.79v and all seemed balanced, except the one cell that didnt read. Thanks in advance for advice folks!

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hopefully it’s a damaged wire you can repair.

You have to use special flux to attach new wires to the battery cell tabs.

Thanks for the reply, I bet you’re right but that’s beyond me. I’m about to take the batteries out of the box and I’m even scared to do that. I think i shouldn’t be dealing with lipos at all honestly. Maybe liFePo for the future? Just need something seriously idiot proof so as not to trigger anxiety…

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no such thing in the battery world. Just be careful and try to only deal with 1 wire at a time. The problem should be obvious and hopefully a very simple fix.

If you give us pictures we can walk you through it.

Thanks for the advice! I just don’t feel comfortable messing with liPos at all. The worst case scenario is too gnarly for me, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for the technology to improve.