Damaged bronze motor wire, an issue?

Found out a wire in one of my motor got damaged, but everything works just fine. Should I be worried about it? If so, how would I fix it? Solder it…back?

is it cut or just scraped ( can’t really see from the pic ) ? if cut and you feel some stuttering while riding, then know that your motor needs rewinding. U might not feel it though because u have a dual setup. Anyway if you feel it stuttering while riding, know that your motor is gone…

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OH CRAP I have a cut wire. No wonder I heard some weird noise and felt some strange vibe…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

god what should I do carvon V3 perhaps? :sunglasses:

i strongly recommend rewinding the motor. It is the cheapest option you have and it is not rocket science.

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Okay start watching clips on internet tomorrow, gonna figure it out. Thanks.

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