Damp enclosure,battery looks shorted

Went for a group ride and didnt notice an enclosure bolt had fallen out which must have left in a bit of water as the enclosure is damp, theres a spot on one the nickel strips where it looks have shorted or something,it wont charge just stays around 41/42 volts(wont be trying this again after seeing the battery :expressionless:) and it drops well below 32v under load… help (10s4p 30q battery with charge only bms) 20181104_222034 20181030_155722 20181104_222026

take out the battery pack and carefully take off the kapton tape and let everything dry. Once it’s dry you can start troubleshooting


Please do something about those balance wires. Put some fish paper underneath them to make sure they won’t short. Also use some kapton take to make sure they won’t move around


Just finished my balance leads IMG_3533 IMG_3534


Balance leads should not cross over each other either cause they can wear over time on each other and short out.

Here’s mine. 20181104_112121


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Ill sort the balance wires out (one actually just came off :triumph::gun: but first i wanna find out what happened and fix it. Iv the shrink wrap off and the nickel that looks like it shorted is connecting two p groups and the nickel since snapped where it melted the shrinkwrap(picked up the battery,was very weak) Why would it short/melt the shrink wrap at this point?

I think it has actually rusted, and become very resistive, that causes the voltage sag and heats up a lot causing it to melt the shrink wrap. Just a thought idk if nickel can even rust

Nickels not meant to rust(its actually a test if its nickel plated steel or pure nickel,you scrape it and put in salt water) which i did and its nickel not plated also put it against a grinding wheel and it didnt spark like steel…


True, I forgot about that

if the water was unter the heat shrink than it probably shorted the plus and minus of the battery. I mean the water connected the upper part with the rest of the cell. where it in the end burn through i can´t say. could have been on the positiv terminal too. just was like this in your case.

Pure nickel cant rust

What do i need to look out for and likely change except for the nickel? Are the cells ok? Bms?

I can’t say from the far and i‘m also no battery expert.