Damping questions (formerly: Short survey: riser thickness?)

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I’m curios as what thickness risers are you riding with?

I’m toying with the idea of designing a damper for esk8 trucks and wonder what is the volume I can count on.

Thank you, Dani

  • 1/8"
  • 1/4"
  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
  • 1

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The Riptide Tunnel Risers are .55’’, incase anyone needs the info and is too lazy ;’)


cool, just did it!

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Thank you everyone who participated.

So, the most common (according to the survey) riser is 1/2".

Do you feel like there is a need to dampen the ride? If there was an efficient damper (1/2" thick) to use between the trucks and the deck, would you use it?

Thanks, Dani

Dampen, yes. But there’s a fine line between dampening, and completely loosing the feel of the ground beneath you IMO. I use 1/8” rubber pads between riser and trucks. Does a nice job on stiffer boards. Others use cork or some type of dampening material in the construction of the deck, like one of the plys. I could be talking out my ass here though, never been on pneumatic tires, speaking strictly from a street riders point of view.

Thank you for the reply. I agree, dampening should be just that. So, how do you like the rubber pads? Compared to without I mean.

Thanks, Dani

I feel like it makes a subtle difference. Just sort of smooths the vibrations. The tunnel risers that @Alphamail made from PU I think adds a slight dampening effect as well. Always wondered if he made some with softer duros, would that benefit to dampen further. The best dampening is a flexible deck. Nothing rolls smoother than my vanguard. I keep it analog and enjoy cruising with it more than any other board I’ve ever ridden.

Risers are risers. The dampening affects are limited. No matter how soft you make risers, you’re still bolting them down between the deck and the trucks. Dampening is achieved via rebound, the material absorbing vibrations. When you sandwich risers between deck and trucks you’re taking away the risers ability to rebound. Its not like the bushings in the trucks. You don’t tighten your Kingpin bolt like you would your truck mounting hardware. And you shouldn’t leave your truck mounting hardware loose like a Kingpin bolt can be.

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Thank you for the replies guys. Keep them coming.

Thanks, Dani

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Has anyone ever cast soft risers out of silicone? I’m wanting to cast my usb charger in my riser, but not sure how itd hold up