"Dandy" | X-Shape | Matrix2 | Dual 6374-130Kv 3550W | 6S 12000 *2


This is my first build after too many issues with an Evolve GT Carbon.


The idea is to have an “Urban Mountainboard” without modifying the deck = I wan’t to be able to swap it. I started to work on an electronic box and a battery box that, while hidden, doesn’t need to be screwed on the deck.

Here is the full post of the build with high res pictures: https://medium.com/@.claude/skate-mountainboard-%C3%A9lectrique-11b507baa7b5




Yo that deck is super sick. Really like the graphics also. And you made it yourself?

TY. I would love to have all the requested skills to build such a deck… I asked Skully / S-Shape

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But wait… Look at the pictures on my post on medium… You have all the steps of the new board I ordered

Very nice. Hadn’t seen that deck before. Looks very stealth the way you have the electronics

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The production is very confidential… But the brand has a good reputation and the owner is just super kind and spend hours building your very own deck… Should have the new one by the end of the week :slight_smile:

For the electronics that was the point: stealth while swappable (= not screwed / glued to the deck)

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European deck world is another thing @Titoxd10001, we don’t know nothing at all. Sick deck and amazing build. I hate those mountainboards crammed with batteries, cables, fans, bindings, like pre-historic mechanical monsters from the underverse. Ugliest AF! I like this approach instead.

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I just updated my post with one of the last step of my new deck: https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/1*Wd5SAHc3ADTK4satsZP8Ow.jpeg


Super build !!! :imp: frensh quality look sooooo GORGEOUS :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey… It has been a (too) long time since my last update but I finally have the “v1” of my “Dandy” setup.

For what I know it is the first build with “swappable deck” + up to “4 swappable independant batteries (up to 4 Lipo 6s1p 16000)”

It is glue free and hole free = Nothing more that the 2*4 holes for the trucks

Best of all boxes cost nothing and don’t require any expansive tools or components.


You can put batteries either on top: up to 2 at the nose and up to 2 on the tail… Or just one as a bumper.

Here is the article on which you’ll find more pictures : https://medium.com/@.claude/le-premier-mountainboard-electrique-avec-batterie-s-amovible-s-deck-échangeable-esk8-4b95645a3b92

TY for your remarks and suggestions!!

A huge thank you to Yann / Overion and Skully / X-Shape


  • Will write a new article in both french and english to give details about boxes,
  • The carry-on-airplane-compatible version of the Dandy :wink: