Dangerous roads

Hello , i want to share some pics of what i encountered while riding my AT board in the late afternoon. I live in belgium and many roads suck big time. That’s why i went for pneumatics. I fell a few times due to bad pavement or garbage on the road.But this is probably the worst i’ve encountered since i ride my board. I was thinking to take the same road a while ago at night…luckily i never did it…


Please post your shitty or deadly road pics , i am probably not the only one to discover shit like that.

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Ooh that would have really hurt!

Wow even a cyclist could get effed up.by that, where is the grate how are there no warnings on that path :frowning: that’s very unsafe I would report that to your city

Here’s a bunch of other crappy roads

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indeed , that’s why i took the pics. I am amazed how such things are possible. Ii’ll report it asap as the road isn’t closed. It’s a shame because there are some kids living in the neigbourhood i saw a few of them playing a few 100m further .

damn, i didn’t saw that thread before. Where do you live? I won’t ride my board anymore without protection that’s for sure. Cannot even imagine what would have happened riding at +45 kmph over those crappy roads with 97mm’s. Even with pneumatics it remains dangerous , you could break your esk8 or much worse…

Yeah please post that to the other thread since many of us already have it bookmarked :smiley:

Northern California. I’d gone over that concrete slab many times but I was running late for work and was going too fast to go over it safely.

@mikedv Also you should report that to your city as @Battosaii suggested, because someone is going to get hurt on that.

I wan riding around my neighborhood a while ago, and there was a small hill which i had crossed a ton of times. There happened to be construction once, and they had dug a 4 inch deep trench right past the top of the hill. I hit this trench at around 18 mph, because I had no time to see it because of the positioning. I scraped up both elbows, and was pretty pissed after.

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I went back and noticed there was a one way warning panel laying in the grass. Someone must have removed it. Police has been informed.

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That sucks , why did they dug a deep trench and left it just like that? Luckily you weren’t going faster. Since my few accidents I don’t feel comfortable anymore without elbow or hand protection. I’ve never hurt my knees though., always the same bodyparts. Elbows, ,hands and shoulders. I also had a total blackout and was hearing some sort of continous beeping noise after i fell on my head. Was wearing a helmet but fell at 35-45kmh.

It’s likely it had a metal grate that somehow has become removed, stolen, or lost

I think they were running piping or underground wires to some house. I guess the construction people had left for the day, and hadn’t put out any warning signs

You know some homeless person is grilling with it in the woods with the fish they caught in the stream… at least they have a grill…

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